Saturday, 27 October 2012

*Task 13 composition/ contrast

Contrast by definition "The state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association"

Its those damn words again..... so hard to read.

I dont think that is quite accurate to be honest after doing some research.  The idea of setting one thing off against the other would be a more accurate discription. 
Maybe in more detail I could say the idea is not how different these things are its how they work together, contrast as one element of composition.

Lets break contrast down into its many forms. Probably the most obvious example of contrast in an image would be difference in value (light against dark ) or contrast in colour thats what most of us would think of if I said contrast.


I am glad to have finally realised that there is more to colours in composition than just contrasting and complimentary colours.
Colours can be used in composition to set each other off  without neccesarily being "classed" as complimentary or contrasting colours. My inner artist says Huh? what on earth do you mean victoria? How confusing!

let me explain.(to myself)

I discovered today that if two colours have the same value, they can still set each other off. There is still more to it though.
This very much depends on the lighting in an image. Colour and lighting are of course inseperable. Another realization.

That is probably why My living room and kitchen have the same paint on the walls but it looks like the colours are different. The same colour will always appear different in different lighting conditions.

Bright/dull? Maybe I can use this in my bradgate final so it dosent look so grey? would it work?


I have included solidity and texture in the same because I want to focus on this in particular this week, even though Its not just  the texture that conveys how hard or soft an object is in an image it can be a whole list of other things, light, shape, value.
Contrast can  be achieved with the use of texture or having hard or soft objects in the same image that contrast against each other but work so well.
I found an excellent example but unfortunatley cant place the image here. It was an image of stonehenge with fluffy white clouds in the background it worked really well.

This has made me think and consider how I could convey this contrast in texture/solidity.
Line perhaps, how about brushstrokes? I could use contrasting brush strokes round and straight. Shapes pointed and round.

Im going to go off and rework that damned painting. I will write more about contrast after, i want to take this one step at a time to avoid confusion.


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