Saturday, 20 October 2012

Train wrecks and resilience

This week I have learned resilience. Me and Tyler-Scott entered a competition at his school on friday morning to make a working (miniture) fairground ride out of cardboard, rubbish and cotton reels.

We concentrated on making it work while my big sister and her kid were making theres look pretty.
Ours worked but it looked awful. I left disapointed.

He came home and told me we had won which shocked me. Apparently it was because of a single sentence I had said to his teacher. "theres no point making it look pretty if it dosent work".

we won a pack of fruit winders which I dont even like, but I beat my sister and that made me feel FANTASTIC. sibling rivalry and all that.



Drawing engines is hardcore.....
I went back to loughborough today. Ive spent the majority of this morning building locomotives with primitives on paper to try and get it right.

It was hard graft..... Probably the hardest thing ive ever had to draw.

after many failed sketches which I am not even going to bother scanning in for now. I thought id give the best one I had a watercolour wash to get an idea of colours and light.

The elipses looked wrong, but I thought at least I could get something to work with for when I do the digital peice tommorow.

As far as the painting gos it is PROGRESS, hooray. I am finding as my confidence is increasing each week I am able to add another 5 or so layers of paint to my traditional work.

 I should have left it, but no I had to try and fix it, By painting over the dodgy elipses by adding too much paint. It looked better for accuracy but worse aesthetically.

 Again I should have left it, but no I had to try and fix it, by drawing around all of the  outlines with black pen...What was I thinking..

I have made so many mistakes today, so many but I have learnt absolutley loads of tricks and skills.

Another positive thing is that I have enough information to go on and produce a digital painting.
I like this making mistakes thing, 

resilience, passion and what was the other one oh yeah Confidence (in no particular order of importance)

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