Thursday, 25 October 2012

*task 15 Composition - start of process

 I think that there is more too this than can be discussed in a single post so I am going to continue to  write about composition until we move onto the next thing. As for learning about it I will focus on it for the next few weeks in the blog then continue mastering it afterwards.

It states that a final peice should be the end of an iterative process not random chance. I agree after all the work ive done finding out about concepting and planning I agree.

I only ever applied a few rules to composition in my paintings. It was always the rule of thirds, contrasting colours and what I believed to be the golden rule.

There is so much more though.

I thought that at first I would try and work with my duck photograph see exactly what made it better than the rest of the duck photgraphs.

I played around with the image a bit aswell too see if little things made a difference. It made me wonder if just a few compositional rules when applied will work better or worse than a lot of them.
Is there a point when it can be overdone? I think so.

 It was not just the rule of thirds as I first thought. I believe it is also The repition of line or apparent texture of the water ripples the way in which they surround the duck/focal point of the image helped the composition. They also guide the eye around the rest of the image.
There is contrast also , between the duck and water colour wise, reds and greens.

There is more too contrast than meets the eye. Aswell as colour maybe solid/liquid is also a contrasting element. Still duck/moving water also contrast.

Im going off to look into contrast sounds interesting, till next post.

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