Thursday, 25 October 2012

RidleyScottin' The duck pond

I forgot to include this the other day. Whilst at braggy park I was taking some photographs of ducks Ridley Scott style. Most of them were blurry with awful but I got one that I thought was cool compositionally.


See, not ver good compositionally, these were pretty random. Others I took arent even worth looking at.

Check out this composition, the placement of the duck, the ripples in the water, it works I believe it works really well. Even the reflections in the water. sit along the intersections.
This was on monday.

Yesterday Zee Zee wanted the ducks aswell somehow got off her lead and dived into the pond. getting her back on the lead was the hardest. We had a very soggy doggy. There were loads of people there watching her, it was quite embarrassing for me really having to chase her around with sketchbook and other stuff in my hand.

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