Saturday, 27 October 2012

Progress - How far have I come?

I really wasnt happy with the previous visual design work, But I have been told that its not about whether my work would win any prizes or not its about how far I have come.

Just how far have I come?

Lets compare my work to a month ago and last year. Lets really see how far I have come from the beginning.

 Visual design.

Bradgate park colour finals from the beginning.

I made some alterations...

 Its the last two images I wanted to compare really. looking at them both I realise that I have progressed and this wasnt as bad as I had thought.
Areas on which I have improved,
My paintings are not blurry as they once were, unless of course I want parts of them to be, so I am in more control of my visual design work, I like being in control.
My composition has improved (hey) my painting techniques use of colour. Thats not saying I couldnt improve on this. I will alter it again. Im interested to know what chris thinks.

Game production


One thing I will say, my textures are no longer muddy. When heather first told me that I thought she meant actual mud, I spent the next few projects trying to take pictures for "clean" texture reference.
 I can make normal maps now and my work is believable. The biggest breakthrough is in the aesthetic appeal of my 3d work. It just looks better. Loads better. 

Critical studies

Yep the ol' blog. I believe I am talking and writing about my work more and that may be the reason I am making better progress. I know its just the iceing on the cake but I want that iceing to compliment a beautiful cake not cover up a mediocre one.
If trying works like it has, and also like i didnt realise then carrying on doing what I do is the way forward. Im talking about my progress now and showing my failures and my accomplishments.

I think the most progress I have made is being able to find passion and inspiration in the most unlikely of places and most boring sounding of projects. 
I am enjoying it, Im even able to work with a dull day at bradgate. Thats an achievment.

There will be days I consider giving up, there will be days that I achieve so much I cant believe it.
I still make progress though even through my struggles. That is great to see visually.

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