Saturday, 31 December 2011

There are always enough hours in the day

Christmas been and gone, I cant wait for uni to start up again so I can get back into the flow of things.
I do like having fun, I like games and art so my work is what I call fun, I enjoy it.
I can manage  my time so much better now, that there are always enough hours in the day to do it.
Ive spent my time off practicing to paint with oils, doing lots of drawing making a bit of 3d sculpture and playing some games as I was told.

Ive decided that im going to put extra hours into all of my subjects this year and im hoping that those extra hours will be evident in my final peices. They will, what am I saying I know this strategy works by now.
12 hours is not enough, not for the practice i need to get in. Like I said I have the time. Ive made the time, at a price.
There are only so many times you can ignore the door before people stop knocking and so many times you can ignore the phone before it stops ringing, but im paying for this course. Whats 3 years of my life? nothing.

I'm married to "game art" now, and Im going to be faithful. I dont see it as a seperate part of my life its part of my life as a whole. Im gonna spend more time in the labs to do the work im so passionate about. Im going to move nearer so I can be there more. make a few sacrifices for my future.

Im old enough and mature enough to do this and learn to do it well, and block out distractions or move away from them. I forget im 30 this year, sometimes being around alot of young people makes you forget.
Im not at school now, no more messing about, im putting my all into this now, I know where I want to be and how to get there.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

DAY 1 - Thumbnail challenge

9am: Today is the day, The day I realise that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.
Ive done the math, and worked out that in order to complete this challenge I have to work at the rate of 1 thumbnail every 5.71428571 seconds.

I will post the vid later on.....when I muster the bottle to do this...

Honestly, Im scared......

10 pm starting the task now.

Day 1 outcome:

I managed to do 21 and a half thumbs in 2 minutes......... extremley bad thumbs but thumbs all the same.

I never expected to do this.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The thumbnail challenge.... it begins

Right then. forget 22 drawings in 12 hours. I claim that I can do 15 thumbs in 3 minutes which isnt bad but.......
A certain someone can do 20 in 2 minutes..... 
Wouldnt it be fun to try and beat that record..... After all its only 2 minutes of my time..... and see if I can do 21
yes... 21 thumbs in 2 minutes......

and thats not all, I will try and accomplish this task in 7 days and if not I will eternaly bow down to that "certain someones" awesomeness and change my DMUGA facebook account name to Victoria "the snail" Cichocki dmuga, forever, and my profile picture to brian from the magic roundabout.

I will video my performances over the next 7 days, with a clock to show I have not cheated. I will post them on here.

The rules

Victoria must produce 21 thumbnails in 2 minutes or less.
She will  attempt the task once a day for 7 days.
She must complete this task by midnight on wednesday the 14th of December 2011.
If she fails she will be known as Victoria " the snail" Cichocki for ever.
Vic must post the videos on here blog for the world to see. her sucess or failure.


Im off to bed.... big day tommorow

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

back to square 1

Chris has now lifted the "ban" and given me permission to use digital and colour. I should be thankful.
The truth is im back to square one. Not only do I have to "just keep doing it" with pencil but I have to do the same now with colour and digital.
 I looked into colour theory today. practiced my hours drawing.did some digital painting, made loads of mistakes. achieved things aswell.

Its not as hard, getting better at pencil.... very slowly.....has made me learn things that will help me with the others.
Im not moaning, just getting my thoughts down and clearing my head. I will continue listening to him, it has paid off before, Im just looking forward to "getting there" and looking back at my struggles, and visual design  facebook album that has so many pics my computer crashes when it loads.

My hard work will be rewarding for me. Its a very lonely place to be at a desk everyday looking at the things you can do in 30 minutes.  Knowing its not good enough yet is frustrating, but knowing you will get better if you J.K.D.I is what keeps me going.

Im going to write down what I have achieved each week so I can look back over time. This will help me to realise what im doing is worthwhile.

What I have achieved this week

I can do 15 thumbnails in 3 minutes - SERIOUSLY- not masterpeices... but enough to help me progress.
I have improved in game production. im really happy about it.
I have learnt how to  unwrap splines off my own back.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Thankyou lecturers

 I said in my first blog post that i would give credit where neccesary.... well here goes....

Thanks to Mike for putting up with me spamming his email with links to my blog posts, and having an open mind to my alternate views on video game history, psychology and contradictions. Most importantly appreciating my efforts in getting as much graphite down on paper in 12 hrs.

Thanks to Heather for answering all of my bizzare questions such as "how do i make this look cool" and "why did you let me on this course", letting me on this course and also giving me the incentive to use my brain to figure things out on my own back in order to get better.

Thanks to Jack for putting up with me forcing him to critique every peice of work ive done and teaching me that eating ham sandwiches while sucking peppermints is not a good idea.

And thanks to Chris for constantly telling me that I will get there and respecting my efforts with "well dones" when they were needed the most, having the most legible writing of any lecturer ever and for being a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dismal day. 

thanks guys, I appreciate it,

I suppose the real "thanks" will be seeing my efforts pay off. keep watching.

Getting worse in order to get better

When I was at college I had an issue with perfection. I would constently spend hours and hours on one peice of work until it was perfect. It was very obsessive I admit. Im glad to say Im over that now.

When I started uni, I thought I couldnt do it that I wasnt good enough. After the first week I iknew I could do it if I put alot of effort into it.

Then it came down to getting faster, I knew in order to get faster my art was going to look worse before it got better. I wasnt going to produce a brilliant final peice in an hour.... at first.

It was a risk I was willing to take, I knew that I may have to produce some mediocre work at first, something I wouldnt have done in the past. The worst case scenario would be I would fail, that didnt happen thank goodness. I realised that I wasnt going to go into university and be the straight A student I was in college. If I was that good from the word go I wouldnt need to go to university would I ?

Im going to keep going, keep trying and keep perservering and get better. I find I am learning everyday here, not just about how to increase my skills or ability but important life lessons.

Like I said earlier I am no longer afraid to make mistakes or to show people my mistakes im only human after all. I will learn from the mistakes, I am learning from them, my hard work is paying off, I am getting through a sketch book a week now. practicing more and more.

Some of the things I have produced along my path to getting better are dire, but how would i have known if these things would work or not if i didnt try them out. The worse thing that can happen is people are laughing at me on there secret game art facebook group that they think I dont know about. I dont care.... Im here for myself not for anyone else.

Ill keep smiling, keep trying and I will get there because I am Victoria Cichocki.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Visual design and game production - bridging the gap

I started the new brief in game production on the day it was recieved. I thought I could get more done this way and have time to sort out any problems without that last minute panic when things go wrong.

The new project is to make 2 trees. I spent hours a few weeks ago studying trees and trying to draw them correctly as part of our bradgate park drawings. when I came to make the tree in 3ds max I found it was easier to do BECAUSE of the visual design work I did.

Then it all clicked, that is why we do visual design. It helps to bridge the gap between the two.
I guess that when people tell me that visual design isnt important because its game production that gets you the job its rubbish, because visual design helps me do game production better.

I know a tree may be simpler and quicker to make than a building, but if the results of my visual design work are not evident in the finished 3d model this time I will be shocked.

Even studying the bark and practicing rendering it in visual design will help me produce better textures in game production.

Knowing this it may be an idea to practice drawing objects before I model them.

I put more than 12 hours a week into game production because I have yet to master it. I am going to start putting more hours into visual design rather than just the reccommended time. I do my own practice work which I suppose counts towards "getting better" but I am going to put more hours into projects for projects because I dont feel like I am getting anywhere even with the large amount of work I have been starting to do.

As for game production this week has been a good week. I have gone home and taught myself things that will make my 3d work look cooler. I have been reading 3d art magazines and it is suprising the things you can pick up. I will apply them to future projects.

In critical studies this week I felt so behind the times because although I like games I wanted to concentrate on my education. I just felt like I didnt know what anyone was talking about. Even though i dont want to waste my time playing games when i want to learn how to make them I realised that playing some games may help me to make them.