Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gp week 3, Gaps in the brief

I REALLY want something cool to happen this week, last week was cool, this week has been a bit dull, not bad but dull. Oh divine intervention save me from the dullness.

I removed the texture from that horrid building model... The more ideas I have the less horrible it looks.
I decided,  based on the old vague brief and model I looked at, that these are my limitations as far as the project will go.

I will model a shop building which fits within two buildings in an existing environment.

The triangle count should be approximately 6120 Triangles.

Texture budget should be approximately 30 MB

I say approximatly because I may be able to get it down, I need to design the damn thing first, I feel slightly more passionate since a couple of hours ago.

Quick decision but I just want to crack on with this, Ive already got textures during lunch today that I felt were appropriate.

Plan, little more ref, concept and make one before the weeks out.

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