Saturday, 27 October 2012

*Task 13 composition/ applying contrast in v.d

k. Time to talk about visual design this week. It was in most parts a lot of mistakes.

and applying contrast, contrast in other ways than we typical think of when we think of contrast.

This week I felt it. I felt the pressure and the work I put in. I felt the failures. Visual design is H-CORE.

Regardless of how hardcore or not it is/was Im going to talk through my mistakes, stresses and then how I managed, through sheer determination some camomile tea and some sleep to turn things around.

After doing several sketches already and watercolours (that failed miserably) and learning about composition I realised I knew nothing about composition.

If true knowledge is knowing you know nothing I consider myself Albert Einstein.

So I reflected on the lecture and did some research of my own and decided that this week I would focus on using different methods of contrast to help with the composition of this weeks final.

I had plenty of sketches, I looked through them and found a page of sketches which I had drawn and before that moment I didnt realise why they worked.

One particular place at bradgate park had alot of natural "line" in the landscape that all seemed to point to a particular spot, making it the focal point.

I thought yes, its my chance to use something else aswell as the rule of thirds and golden rule I usually swear by.

these watercolours just didnt turn out, In an attempt to try and control the paint I managed to control it less. Although I still had colour to work with and even the splodges managed to convey the atmosphere of the day,

 On thursday I started painting over my final sketch.  I got so worked up with this, I spent hours and this is all I achieved.

What I wanted to achieve was contrast in line, contrast in colour, contrast in value, contrast shape. contrast between the full ground and the empty sky and focus  by making the focal point more "in focus" or  detailed and the painting around the outside a little more blurry amongst other things that i will discuss when I present my final at the end of the post.

 I started again the next over the colour background I had created in photshop, which was just base colours and silhouettes.

I wanted to render this image entirely out of dots and lines that I beleived would be a good contrast of texture. The image I had chosen also had alot of pointy and round shapes making up the whole image which I thought was also a nice contrast.

I rendered away in no where near as long as the failed bradgate painting of previous. At the time I got stuck I looked up a grass tutorial, that I made and it just looked weird so I got rid of it by cropping the image. I was hoping to show alot of ground in contrast to a small amount of sky after all why would I want an image that consisted of mostly grey sky?


I didnt think the image had alot of contrast in the ususal sense and just looked dull so I brightened it up a bit  (too much thats why its small so it dosent hurt your eyes, ow) I had used alot of colours, hoping that if the majority of them had the same value they would work.
I made the area near the focal point more brighter aswell to emphasis it.


 I thought Id add some darker colur around the edges to try and add the attention to the focal point, i overdid it a bit, The greyscale shows the image for its value, I  thought the grasses at the front of the image looked abit out of sorts and needed blending in a bit. There was too much light directly to dark in the rock at the back aswell.
The trees at the back where to  "in your face" and needed fading out a bit.

 I added more shades of grey to the rock and also added some highlights shadows to make it look a bit better, a bit of grass too. I also added some last few touches to the trees to give them more definition.
I added some more line strokes to areas for contrast in texture. I feel like im using the word contrast too much.

 The last thing I did was to blend the edges by added some more "paint" and making the "brushstrokes" lower opacity to reduce the emphasis on the edges directing the eye to the focal point.

This is the most recent final, with contrast concentrated on.

In comparison to the failed peice this is an achievement, But i learnt something, I like the way that texture has been used for contrast and the way it is painted contrasts against the empty sky.
The lines that point to the centre that are coming from all areas contrast with the round shapes in the image. The value of the colours in the foreground have  mostly been made the same value, with a little contrast.

I will continue with composition though, Im not entirely happy with this image i have used other things such as repitition of line, the rule of thirds and the golden rule.

Im going to go now if i use the word contrast anymore I feel the word will be permententally be imprinted in my brain.

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