Tuesday, 23 October 2012

GP WEEK 4 Passion from hatred

With the trash project under wraps, and a few difficulties I had this morning involving blank discs that shouldnt be blank and redoing my final tweaks in 50 minutes, I am glad its over and done with and I am able to start something new.

Is it me or did the games production projects just become awesome this year?

Actually Ive just checked this environment out in max....... This is the kind of thing I hate.
So I have a challenge for this project. Putting passion into something I hate..... The thing that I stated was near impossible.

These buildings are like my house in my nightmares... I hate the normal maps and specular maps on these things, I think the details too much.

But I have to emulate this style into my own building.....

We have this environment project but the brief was very vague, no triangle limits or texture limits.
It did however state that the project should be based on the models provided so it makes sense to get the texture and tri budget based from them. (obvious I know)

I thought Id break the models apart and find out exactly how many triangles were used in each part so I could at least get an idea of how I could model them. But first I need to decide on what kind of building I am going to do......

How am I going to get around that one..... I cant concept before I write the brief can I......

No.....After all I have learnt...

 Im going to have generalise what I need to do I know I have to make a building that fits in with the style and that each building is about 6144 triangles....
Then I can go on like I did last time and decide where the texture budget will go.
Yes... ill be right back with that brief.


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