Sunday, 30 October 2011

2 point perspective - in progress

i chose this building for my 2 point persepective final because it seemed so simple to do.... just alot of rectangles of black and white... oh how wrong i was...

It turned out what i thought was black and white on the building were in fact lots of tones of grey, no black or white... and the rectangles.. getting them right and in correct perspective... also a pain....

If I want to really criticise my work.... Ill note that the perspective of the windows on theright is out, I am so glad i chose to do this digitally, it will be easier to rectify. Again the mistake i made was having THE VANISHING POINTS TOO CLOSE TOGETHER.

WATCH THIS SPACE for the finished version, with the correct perspective. I  will kep the front as it is flat and was easy to do. The worst thing is is that the building is not as straight as it appears to be in real life.

Making the building accurate and in perspective will be the real challenge, are there enough hours in the day?  me thinks not.

Friday, 28 October 2011

One step forward 5 steps back

The problems that I have had with 3ds max over the last week have really set me back, and its entirley my own doing. I made a few mistakes due to my lack of understanding of the software that led to me loosing the work I had done without realising. Progressing onto the next task and realising I had to go back a step is really frustrating.

Due to my inexperience with the software I thought that if you wanted to apply 3 uv maps to a model you had to create 3 uvmap modifiers.... I didnt realise however that when i saved all the unwrapping I had done was practically deleted. When  I tried to apply the sub obkect modifiers, thats when i knew something was wrong.

I managed to unwrap EVERYTHING again in an hour or so and arrange it (using 1 uvmap modifier) on top of the textures I had made already and this saved hours, if only id have known... I could have saved a whole week of work.

This was not the only problem I encountered during the creation of my wheelie bin, I did not uncheck the generate mapping co- ordinates box before moddelling, making unwrapping the first time a right pain. It was quicker for me just to start over and remodel the bin again. Im glad I re- modled my second bin was much better.

I got there today, I succeeded through the tears and pulling out of hair, I was determined to get it right and I did.

One good thing has come out of this liitle mishap and that is that I have 3 times more experience unwrapping than i would have if everything had gone right first time, I am also 3 times quicker at it now.

I am confident that I could do the whole thing again in a day or less because of the problems I had. I am proud of my finished outcome, Im glad I looked around for an interesting bin texture and didnt just settle for any old grey boring bin.

heres some pics... of the ordeal?

The first wheelie bin. In an attempt to make the parts at the front with the handles real I used too many tri's and ended up skimping in the handle at the back. The bin lid in this example was not as realistic as it could have been, there were more levels than this on the real wheelie bin (about 4 or 5) there are only 3 here.
Doing the bin again I took consideration into where the detail went and what was most important parts of the object, handles? wheels maybe... I did the wheels last so they were going to look like octagons with the last remaining tri's in the budget.

On my second attempt  I had learnt that well mad quads were better than tri's and could be processed more easily by the graphics card.

 I forgot to hide  the uv template layer in photoshop beore I saved it as a targa file, the lines are still visible on this model. The texture had not been applied at this point using the sub object modifier just a standard diffuse map, the texture had not been blended together properly so I went back and altered these things, I had spent so much time on this that I didnt want to just settle for that.
Another thing I found wrong with the above texture was that there were some highlights on the bin lid. I had tried my best to take pictures on a dull day to avoid this, but alas I am no photographer. I went back into photoshop again and adjusted the shadows/highlights and went over the very light parts with a small brush on a low opacity to rectify this.

Improvments are visible in the picture above. It may appear that i have stretched or not properly alligned the photograph to the uv template because the number 12 is slightly to the left. This is not the case,  the number had been painted on the bin slightly to the left. Looking back I think that I should have tried to align this number so that it appeared level, as it appears to be a mistake on my part. The whees have not been rendered in this example.

The above image is of the model as I was unwrapping, I am quite proud of the fact that I managed to make the squares even and not stretched even though I did have to do it again. Mistake learned from.

So I have come to the end of my first project, and I even applied smoothing groups (something I didnt know how to do with the dalek, so I have improved and thats the main thing. I have learnt that getting stressed over things does not help, nor does crying or pulling your hair out. Perseverance is the key keep going and keep trying and keep getting better, faster and becoming more efficent with the software. You cant say fairer than that can you?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Connecting the vertices

I was stood in my kitchen having a cup of coffee and I was looking at a beam on my ceiling that comes down about 30cm. I found my self connecting the corners of this beam to other parts of the wall in my head so it formed 3 or 4 sided shapes....... my partner doesnt understand....

everything is like this now... I draw a car and think.. now how would i make this in 3dsmax?  is this the frame of mind a game artist has?

Monday, 24 October 2011

Random textures - Animal textures from life,

I was looking at some pics I a while ago at tropical bird land in desford, and found some feather textures, I thought it would be interesting to try and find some other animals to photograph...... just to see what I could get. I have 3 texture folders, animal, vegetable and mineral. If tree goes in vegetable where does wood go? tell me that?

 Next doors bulldog, getting him to stay still was the hardest part.


owl 2

 Tabby cat

white parrot.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The vid - creepy building, survival horror style

added some creepy music to this vid to see if it would help create atmosphere, seemed to work but would the effect have been different if the music had changed?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Demolition site textures

I have a thing for textures, they thrill me the more than words can express. I always make sure I have a camera with me because you never know when something interesting will turn up. I took some shots from todays "demolition site" adventure.

Interesting environments exploration - demolition site

During todays visual studys task we went into the city centre to find buildings to draw applying the two pont perspective we had just learnt. We looked around, it was a very windy day, rained on and off, found some interesting buildings to draw.

At around 2 Oclock we decided to wander around and came to a demolition site with what looked like a half fallen, half burnt down building. Going into dangerous places is not something Id usually do for safety reasons but it looked interesting so I  managed to get in (climbed over a wall) and take some shots of the building, textures and a video of inside.

The main area reminded me of something out of a video game, there were more rooms but they were blocked off, I could have got into them at a push but there was broken glass and heroin needles lying around and i didnt want to risk getting stabbed by either.

 There were random odd objects here such as a pair of boots, beer cans it appeared as if someone was dossing here and the idea that there may be someone like that around any corner I ventured just added to the endorphin rush.

I almost expected to hear a groan and a zombie come out of this doorway...

Inside the building was dark and disgusting but bright sunlight was coming through the cracks in the walls where the roof was. It was blinding at times but lit areas of this building up. Sounds strange but the light actually made this building more creepy. 

Parts of this building were literally hanging off, although I wanted to spend more time here I was really worried that my feet would go through the floor or something would fall on me, the sense of fear added to the atmosphere here.

This freaky graphiti reflected the atmosphere in this building perfectly, which is why i included this shot, no points for technical skill, lots of points for artistic expression.

The temptation to venture down here and see what was here was almost unbearable, luckily I was not wearing the correct shoes.

the best of the rest..........

I actually videod my exploration of this building, I thought that may be more of a "blair witch style" way to show this place. Ill include that in another post.

The evolution of video games - 1950s to 1970s

History of computer games introduction.

*Before I write what has been written hundred's of times before,I think a slight introduction is needed into games and there role from a form of entertainment into something more. I will write in my own words from my own point of view, site sources of information were needed and definitely not copy and paste from the drab pages of wikipedia or any other area of cyber space. I will try to make it as different and as interesting as possible.

Here goes......


I believe the most important thing that influenced the advent of computer games was interactivity between man and machine. The idea that a person could have influence over an image on a monitor first came into play with a missile defence system that used cathode ray tube or CRT technology in the late 1940s, the idea of this system was that the person interacted with knobs and buttons to manipulate a CRT beam that simulated firing at airplane targets, it was simple, there was no "real” game environment as we know it now just a overlay on the screen to represent the environment and dots to represent the action.
 This defence system did not work for what it was intended for but this was an important event in video game history  because it was adapted into simple games. From this point simple games were created by defence contract workers..... that's how it started and the rest is history.

Video game history is more than just a list of things that happened through time, its more of an evolutionary process where a lot of different ideas were tried and the best ones were kept, the ones that did not work so well were discarded, games were being programmed on different machines which went from being large,impractical and being the size of a small planet to becoming smaller, and more compact, and less costly taking up less space making them more suitable for use in homes.
When this happened the competition started and different computer developers would compete against each other to sell there games through clever use of advertising. In the early days of home entertainment systems this advertising was usually misleading, Technology had not developed enough for the graphics in a game to acurately represent what a player saw on the box or tv. It was usually very  different from what was advertised, for example a space ship which would look high tech and interesting on the video game box or advert but would be represented in the game by a small triangle
Interactivity with games also changed with alternative methods of playing being created. some of these ideas worked and some did not. The ones that did formed the foundations for the games we play today such as Steven Russels creation of the game "space wars" that used a controller,Something us modern gamers take for granted.
apart from Steven Russel other video game pioneers include A.S. Douglas, William Higgenbotham and Ralph Baer.

In the beginning
There is a little conflict about "the first ever" video game, some sources say that A.S Douglas made the first video game on record, It was simply naughts and crosses. Others say William Higgenbotham programmed the first game tennis for two.
William Higgenbotham a nuclear physicist was the head of the brookhaven lab of instrumentation division, and he had the realization that all science exhibits were too static, he felt that he was able to change that so he created the first real game “tennis for two” for people to interact with.

Higinbotham wrote, “it might liven up the place to have a game that people could play, and which would convey the message that our scientific endeavors have relevance for society."

The game “tennis for two” which was funnily enough a simple tennis game required using buttons on a controller and the twisting of a knob to interact with the game. The ball, which was represented with a dot would leave trails as it virtually bounced around , knowing this I can only imagine that this experience would be closer in comparison to doodling on an "etch-a-sketch" than playing a modern computer game. 
And the timeline....
1952 as douglas created naughts and crosses on the electronic delay storage automatic calculator
1958 william higgenbotham – tennis for two. the idea of a tennis simulation game may seem so simple but it was widley copied it seemed everyone wanted to jump on the electronic tennis wagon. Pong which came later was probably the most recognised tennis game but even nintendo realeased a handheld version of an electronic tennis game. It was in fact the copying of "pong" that lead to the video game crash of the 1980's.
1961 ralph war  created the first interactive game, controller runs on the digital pdp 1 mainframe computer
1966 – probably the most influential idea in video game history ralph baer recieves support for making games for a tv, although this idea for interactive tv was realised a lot earlier than this when he was commissioned to design the best tv set in the world... he went on to be known as the father of video games.
just a year later in 1967 this idea is realised and ralph baer along with his team create 2 video games for use with a tv , they also make a toy gun be able to detect spots of light on a tv an evolution of the older controller
1970 The future founders of atari, nolan bushnell and ted dabney attemot to recreate an arcade version of space war called computer space 
1971 comuter space becomes the first video arcade game ever released.1500 were distributed but public said that the game wass too difficult to play
1972 computer television gaming apparatus and method us patent is issued to ralph baer
Ralph Baer was then come to known as the father of video games
1972 magnavox odyssey the first home entertainment video game system
1972 atarti is created
first game pong probably the most influential game because this started off the video games industry, with new video games companies competing by trying to recreate this game....even atari who invented pong recreated this game.......or gave it different names and passed it off as something else.
1973 in my opinion the best event in video game history..... the birth of nintendo as a games producer.
nintendo a japanese toy manufacturer who specialised in making playing cards.
1975 pong is released atari produced 150,000 units
1975 the first game to use a micro processor instead of hardwired solid state circuits
named gunfight
1976 first programmable games console, rather than having games built in it was the first games console that allowed users to change game by switching cartridges this was a breakthrough and influenced the way we play games today
In 1976 video game violence was born. A game called death race that was based on the film death race 2000. The gameplay involved the user hitting pedestrians with a car. Controversy was created over this video game violence and the game sold poorly. This game also was a first for another reason.... it was the first film game tie in something that has become really popular. It was the first but definatley not the last utterly crap film- game tie in (probably the worst moment in video game history).
1977 Atari produces first cartridge based home video system which becomes known as the atari 2600, it costed $249. 95
1978 The first high score space invaders is released in japan into arcades. The game became so popular that it created a national coin shortage.
1978 maganavox odyssey - the first controller with keyboard
1978 atari works on combat simulator for the u.s department of defense
1979 asteroids the first computer game to allow initials to be entered after highscore
and the future......
The early development of video games were not for the purpose of entertainment, they have evolved into that from ideas created for other purposes. In recent years games seem to be evolving still from a form of entertainment into something more. Although games for entertainment purposes still and in my opinion always will exist and grow in popularity. video games have been adapted for other purposes. These purpose include
  • Education - in games such as brain training as a recent example, donkey Kong Jr math as an older example
  • Fitness -such as Wii sports,Wii fit
  • Training purposes - serious games like medical simulation games.
Arguably most "hardcore gamers" wouldn't class anything above as “real games”, but there made the same way, controlled the same way, they ARE games, like it or not.
The escapist in me thinks that the main reason why video games have become so popular apart from there addictive quality's are because they allow the player to be submerged into another world all together, be someone exciting for a time and that's why I love them.
The reason they have evolved is because of there use of interactivity and potential. There is endless potential on what you can create in 3D and with new technology being developed quicker than ever who knows what ideas will be created or combined with games in 5, 10 or 20 years time. Some of them probably unimaginable to us now.
Games have become more appealing over the years to a wider audience because of the ever expanding genres and what was once considered a geeky pass time is now an acceptable form of entertainment for all. You don't have to be a lazy couch potato to be a gamer these days. 
Sources of information

Friday, 14 October 2011

There are polygons in my tea

I made myself a cup of tea the other day and for a split second I actually saw my cup as it would be if I was making it in 3ds max. I thought I had been working to hard.
It happens all the time now, I see buildings and things in the environment that way, I even find myself working out what method of texturing I would use for these these objects.

The first fortnight - review

Before I started uni, my college tutors told me to expect mean nasty lecturer's who would make you cry, endless piles of excrutiatingly hard work and sleepless nights, and I was dreading it, I even thought about not going, thats how bad they told me it was.

But after two weeks here I am loving every minute. Part of me wants it never to end. I cant beleive they lied to me.
The lectures are exiting, lecturer's really interesting and enthusiastic. I never want to miss a single day ever.
It is everything you dreamed high school would be but didnt quite live up to.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Video game history from a womens point of view.

When I was scouring for information about video game history I was desperate for something different and interesting to write about. I found a lot of information about females and how important they were to the video games industry. I also found a lot of information on how the industry has attempted to reach us and more so how the video games industry has outraged us.

Firstly I am not a feminist I just thought it would be interesting to get inside the head of a feminist and write a history of video games from a feminists point of view, even if those views are not my own. Others have written bits and bobs, no one has done a complete timeline.

And now I present in my own words, A brief history of video games, from a feminists point of view.

1979 The first Female video game designer.

Carol Shaw was first female video game designer. The first game she ever designed was tic tac toe. She later went on to Activision to create the game river raid for the Atari 2600 and many other popular games.

1980 The First Woman to Design an Arcade Game. Dona bailey

Dona Bailey was determined to break into the buisness of making games. She became an engineer at Atari in 1980. At this time she was the only female game designer at Atari. She co created and designed the Arcade hit Centipede.

1981 First game aimed at a female audience

After the release of Pac Man a year earlier there was speculation that the games puzzle based less violent game play was more of an interest to women. To tap into the female market Namco released Ms Pac man. They used Ms rather than Miss Or Mrs in an attempt to reach a wider female audience and not to single out any age group. Unlike the original Pac Man, the spaces in between the walls are filled in, making it easier to see where the path is. I do not know if the game was made this way so the inferior female brain could cope with the game.
Apart from being the classic heroine of video games the reason why Ms Pac man was so popular is that “her” game was considered by most gamers to be a whole lot better than the original pac man.
This is surely proof that people will play a decent game regardless of the gender of the character.
I still don't think games developers have “got this”.

1981 First damsel in distress.

Donkey Kong is released in arcades, this is the first example of a female character acting as damsel in distress in video games. Donkey Kong set the template for lots of similar female characters. The Legend of Zelda series that followed also had a main objective to rescue a damsel in distress and later on Resident evil 4 where the object of the game is to rescue the presidents daughter. This is to name but a few. At this time the female character is still seen as weak and not as an equal.

1983 The first female adventure game for girls

In 1983 Amy Brigg created an adventure game primarily aimed at a female audience. She convinced her bosses with her spirit and writing skills to give her the go ahead for her video game concept for a romance game for girls called plundered hearts.

1983 The first female competitive gamer.

Doris Self was one of the first female competitive gamers. When she was 58 she entered the 1983 video game master tournament and she managed to break the world high score for Q*Bert with 1,112,300. her score was beaten a few years later but she still continued to work towards conquering the game.

1984's First Video game degrading women.
The national Organization of women criticised the game Custer's revenge for containing elements of rape.

1986 –Best female protagonist of all time.

Nintendo creates the Metroid series which has a female character Samus Aran. Samus who stood at 6' 3 was not originally intended to be a female but at the end of development the idea was suggested to make Samus a female to surprise the player.
Due to the impact the Metroid developers thought it may have on the franchise they hid the fact that Samus was a female until the end of the game. Samus wore a power suit through out the game. When the game is completed she takes it off and is revealed as a women who is wearing very little.

1987 .The first western action game with an exclusively female character.

The video game Saboteur II :Avenging angel was released in this year, with an exclusivley female character.

1992 The first female playable character in a fighting game

Chun-Li. The character has acquired the name “ the first lady of video games” by enthusiasts of the genre. At this moment female characters became equals.

1993 -Core design began the development of the game Tomb raider. Lara Croft was created as the main character of this video game.

1996 – First female character pin up.

Lara Croft was introduced and became a pin up . Rather than offering an alternative to a strong male character the developers created a highly sexualised character that engaged in the same violent aggressive behaviour associated with male characters. The character has been criticised for this.

1997 The birth of GTA

Grand theft auto has created a lot of controversy in relation to promoting violence towards women. There are parts of the game where you beat up and kill prostitutes, The game is continually criticised for encouraging violent behaviour towards women.

2004 - Ubisoft created the Frag Dolls.

The Frag Dolls were created for the purpose of encouraging more women to play video games and also as role models to encourage females to play video games online. There other goals were to prove that women enjoyed the same kind of games as men. Also, the team has been known to actively promote games published by Ubisoft during interviews and events

2004 –a survey done at this time shows that 46 percent of video game consumers are female.

2006 - Sony releases a limited edition Pink PS2 in europe

2008 First Gaming magazine aimed at females is released.

Nintendo launches the free magazine Girl Gamer in the UK. Nintendo attempt to reach a female audience by associating the magazine with pink things, cooking and raising babies. The magazine is given free in the two most popular girls magazines Bliss and Mizz.

2009 Game aimed at female audience is the best selling console game of all time
Wii fit is the best selling console game in history the game which is primarily aimed at a female audience.

2009  The player gets to decide how the women appear in the game.

In the game silent hill shattered memories the women in the game are affected by the players interaction with certain objects/ scenes in the game. For example the way the women dress in the game will depend on a questionnaire you fill out at the beginning of the game.
Part of the game play requires you to shine a torch on certain areas if the player shines it for two long on certain objects such as dirty magazines found in the gaming environment then the female characters dress and attitude will change depending on how much time the player spent looking at that certain object.

2010 Nintendo kills Samus

Fearing that Male gamers see the Metroid franchise as a girls game due to its strong female character, Nintendo change Samus Aran's character so she is less masculine. In parts of the game she runs away from Boss fights and has the guys come and help her out. That is not the Samus Aran I know and love.

Summing it up

I appreciate that the games industry has identified us gals as a target market, and is consistently trying to think of new ways to get us “into” video games. To be honest I think they are waisting there time and money doing so. They need to realise that women do not want stereotypical computer games. In fact us girls want games involving bringing up babies and cooking just as much as guys want games were they have to work a 9 to 5.

In my opinion they should just carry on doing what they do, we like the same stuff as the guys and we always have, no doubt about it. Back in the day of course wives were playing there hubbys magnavox odyssey between hoovering and dusting. Us female gamers are only starting to “crawl out of the woodwork” now because gaming has become an acceptable female pass time as has getting a career, driving a car speaking our mind and so on.

As for the Controversy games create that “offend us so much” who cares. Its a business and if female characters with large breasts and no clothes sell then so be it, it makes money, isnt that the ultimate goal. No one is forcing you to play these games if the site of flesh offends you so much.

As for characters being realistic, video game characters are never realistic, whether they are male or female. The design of Lara croft does not offend me as a women, why would it. All video game characters are exaggerated. For example Mario is a short, fat Italian man, he can jump 15 ft in the air, Sonic, a blue hedgehog?  not very realistic is it, exaggerating characters is part of the fun. The main thing that attracts me to video games is that they are an escape from real life, I dont want real I want fantasy, youve achieved that already please dont change.

As for The issue with good ol Lara Croft being “not real” enough, whats next? stopping off to buy tampons between levels? Labour pains during bosses? PMT during puzzle solving? You get the point.

Get with the times video game industry. We are equals so give us the same, I like blowing stuff up aswell as the next man or woman for that matter.

Sources of information

3D software, what I really think.

First game production lecture, quick lesson on how to use max. Then it was like heres a picture of a dalek, make that. Brilliant.

I felt like I a non-swimmer who had been thrown in the deep end with no armbands wearing concrete shoes to put it bluntly, and what better way to learn than to JUST DO.  This task had me opening up every menu in the software to see how it worked/what it did. It took me a long time at first to get the swing of things. My first Dalek took me about 30 hours, I was then able to make an identical one in 30 minutes.

I had a few problems with the software that didnt involve modelling, such as rendering and pivot points but I made sure I asked heather to show me EXACTLY how that worked the next week, so I knew for next time.

I had used aother 3d program before it looked similiar to 3ds max but some things were in different places, I knew I had to add vertices, extrude this and that I just had to discover how.

In some ways 3dsmax is easier than previous 3d software I have used, alot of options are accessible by right clicking, which I think is convenient. I enjoy using the program, even if things didnt turn out the first time, I know if I put time and effort I can make it work for me.

Some of the work looks really exiting and I cant wait to give it a try.

I have been officially brainwashed

In my first Visual Design class Chris said that he intended to "brainwash" us into being able to draw. He promised to show us how to break an image up. Truthfully I was a little sceptical about this whole "brainwashing" idea. I thought to myself  "Whatever, it will never work" but in the back of my mind I hoped that it would without ever really believing it.

I was nervous about putting pencil to paper, afraid to fail, I had seen the drawings produced and I was bricking it, after speaking to some of my peers I found out that I wasnt the only one who felt this way.

Then it happened, a day later I was 100% better at drawing than I was before I started the course, two days later I was better still, by the saturday after my first visual design lesson I had produced the best drawing I have ever produced in a long time, by the sunday  I had produced the best drawing I had ever produced in my life And I cried.

I know the thought of crying over the fact you can draw again sounds a little melodramatic but It was the only thing that ever held my confidence back as an artist, I used to be able to do it, and then I couldnt and I didnt know why.

I thought how amazing must this guy be to do in a day what I had been trying to do for 2 years. Well done Chris, respect earnt.

Every time my pencil makes a mark in my sketchbook now I feel intense joy. I always knew practice made perfect without really knowing, but now I know this for real and I have faith in myself, faith that  I can do absolutley anything. I practiced for 5 hours a day that week.

Some evidence of this, I am no michealangelo YET, but look how I have improved,

Before the brainwashing occured,

During The brainwashing process


This drawing is far from perfect, but it is one heck of an improvment in a week, I hope I can get better still.
Where to go from here, some say the sky is the limit, they are wrong, The stars are.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Intro - Ice breaker

For starts There will be no ass kissing on this blog, although I will give credit to those who are deserving of it.
There will also be no cheesy quotes on this blog,Just my work and my thoughts. I dont need the words of others to make me appear to be intelligent, If I dont already radiate brilliance (which i probably dont) there is no hope for me.

I thought Id break the ice by stating a few interesting facts about myself before the essay/life story because the right words do not exist to talk about myself in short, or if they did I wouldnt be able to spell them.

1. I am ( in ascending order ) 1/2 English 1/4 Polish 1/8 Welsh and 1/8 Norwegian, some may call me a cross- breed, others a mongrel, the latter would know me better.

2. My eyes are shaped like rugby balls.

3.My favourite Breakfast cereal is golden grahems, they dont make them anymore.

4. I am not naturally dark haired.

5. I always wear black yet green is my favourite colour.

6. I have a 10 year old son called Tyler-Scott.

7. I am a 28 year old Leicester lass.

I will do my best to make the next piece of text as interesting as possible, maybe add a few interesting/funny stories in (were relevant) for good measure.

The hardest thing in the world for me would be to describe my  interests because they tend to vary, apart from my interest in games and art which have always been there,and a passion for 3d sculpture due to loving plastecene as a kid.

I came from a multimedia background, webdesign, animation, video production using all the adobe programs that kind of thing although we did alot of traditional work in the first year such as book illustartion, life drawing etc..
If you were to look at my college blog you may think I would have been better off doing animation as I did alot of it in college and in my spare time,  clay mation, puppet animation, cutout animation, pixilation, flipbooks, traditional animation, animated storyboards,video with animation. 3d , flash for web design you name it I have done it. why didnt I do animtion you ask?
but the truth is I loved making the models and the sets and the props, and designing the concepts. The actual act of  animation bores me it is so frustrating. 
 As for other interests everything else just seems to come and go.

 I very rarely watch television because I cant justify just sitting there when I could be doing something else constructive.

I spent the years before and during my early teens living with my dad just me and him, he was a systems engineer at aerospace and was into computer programming, he used to make games for me and would constantly try to tell me how they worked, and how to programme but it bored me at the time, I did make my own but I got the coding slightly wrong so dad had to go through it all to make it work. I played it once. I grew to like games after that, but I was only interested in what you could see on the screen, i designed a level once and he made the game, it was crap but seeing what I made on the screen was brill, and wanted to make them, but writing code bored me and as there was no other way I decided I wanted to be a dentist and scrape tartar off peoples teeth for 70 grand a year. I was getting a's in science after all.

As a kid,  I  had an obsession with taking photos of colours and textures, strange thing to do I thought, (until I started uni) I didnt have my own camera so I used to nick grandads, hed go mad when the film was developed and all the pics on the film were half granny in the garden and half of grey paving slab, wood chipping, a particular shade of red, dodgy wallpaper, etc he never knew it was me at first he must have thought it was a dodgy film,every time. He found out eventually and I got told off. I took them before he threw them, and would collect them. I dont know what happened to them.

I'd like to share a little bit about my background and how/why I came here. Going back into education was one of the best decision's I have ever made in life, I enjoyed college so much that it became my hobby, I am not all work no play but when you enjoy something that much I dont see how you can be seperate the two. My current hobby is "game art design degree".

Truthfully I would have been happy doing any art or design related degree course and I applied for illustartion and multimedia degree courses aswell as this one. I felt relaxed about applying for them all.... except this one. The truth is that I saw all of the work that the students had produced and it scared me to death so I thought "Thats the one", most adrenaline junkies would bungie jump off bridges or jump out of aeroplanes but Victoria cichocki chose to do game art at dmu, there are of course many other more logical reasons.

When I left school (class of '99) I did...
A-level art for a bit,which involved cutting marylin monroes face out of lino,

Performance arts Btec Nat Dip which involved cleaning out cuboards, and one swan lake pro demonstration, I hid behind the curtain. I loved singing, songwriting, Music and drama but I was never going to be a ballet dancer and I accepted that, me and a friend invented a dance called "chicken lake" they were not impressed so I decided it wasnt for me. I also had stage fright not a good combination

Then I did a gnvq in art and design for a bit which involved sewing bits of paper together.

By the time the Millenium hit I was 17, I'd had enough of this unfulfilling education, parents and leicestershire and I was a cocky kid and I thought I knew everything, so I decided to see what it was like in the real world. I moved out of the county and started my own life in lancashire. I got a job, a place to live, a dog,  and some really untidy housemates.....

Turns out the real world was not as great as I thought it would be, by December 2001 I was back in Leicestershire, trying to pick up the peices.

( 8 years passed ) I wont go into detail, alot of bad stuff happened, that i have shut out of my mind.

I didnt know there was such thing as a "games artist" I thought they were all made by one guy with code (like dad). I found out there was "such thing" in 2009  when I went to a college open day.

So I went back to college got Distinctions for every project, learned loads got onto this degree course and the rest is history.

I want to be a 3D enviroment artist, Ive heard it means you make hubcaps, for cars, for racing games, for ten years..... I still want to be a 3D environment artist and make hubcaps, for cars, for racing games and lots more.

Being a texture artist would be cool also.

Authors Note

Welcome to my Game art design blog........I know the titles a little cheesy but who cares, I wanted to reflect the fact I wanted to create good work or at least give it a damn good try. I also wanted to reflect the fact that I am capable of having a joke when the time is right for joking, but when its time to get serious, I will.

oh.... check out my summer project.