Thursday, 18 October 2012

Systemising, aeroplanes and background history

I have not really written anything personal in here for a long time apart from the odd extract from life. The thing is I have had many experience's in my life that have moulded me into the character I am today. They are part of my texture now and I dont think I will ever iron out those creases. Guess what, I dont mind because I'm starting to like that texture alot more these days.

One of the reasons why my questions may sound cheeky is not that i'm rude it is that I cant always determine how people are reacting to what i'm asking/saying. If someone smiles then I believe they are happy with the question. I believe its down to the face, ive read about this and am not very skilled with determining facial expression or recognising it at all sometimes, as a few people here are aware of. I get things mixed up.

One thing that was brought up in todays brilliant breaking down of mitch's list - plus extras was getting over things and moving on. At the point in my life when 30 is so close I can feel my youth fading away I consider myself an expert in getting over things as I have had many things happen to me that I had to get over in order to move on with my life.

I had one parent at the time of my life when I was growing from a girl into a women and that was my Dad. An obviously very male influence.
For the record I do have a mother who I talk to now and am one of 5 children but they all lived with her.  He taught me that lying and cheating were very bad things and did everything he could so that I didnt turn out like my mother. Though I do have some of her traits I believe she also has trouble with faces and empathy.
Positive outcomes can come from bad situations.
Dad wasnt just a man though he is more than that he was a systems engineer at British Aerospace (bae i think its called now)
Dad taught me how to get over things he taught me how to be a "man about it".  Dad taught me many things. I guess systemising things was one of them and systemising is a very male trait, he didnt always get it right first time, but we never do, the more  mistakes we made the more it taught us.
He also made me flexible to change. I had to adapt to my new life with him, no other option really life could not go back to the way it was.

I was cooking dinners when I was 12 and learning that I need to do things in a particular order for them to work, the biggest breakthrough for me was my first roast dinner because all of the timings had to be right. Dosent seem a big deal but for me it was.

It was very much about problem solving I had to find a way out of eating dads bullet rissotto (rice not cooked first) or his famous "contraception caserole" ( appropriatly named for the fact that dad never browned the sausages off first and the sausage skins always floated to the top). Just one important step he forgot that messed up the whole thing.

I learned to make pastry off my own back, I developed the skills which led to many tasty meals that were all served with boiled peas and gravy and on the table for 6 oclock on the dot when he came home. Then he started baking too, the sponge cake with the blue jam (to much bicarb of soda) tasted strange but he is now the baker of the nicest Victoria sponge cake ever (even better than grans, with her war ration's mindset still firmly in place to this day).

Anyways, time to move on to some more work.
Id write more but quite frankly I dont really like talking about depressing stuff like this, my mindset says I shouldnt look back to much and I kind of got over it anyway. It may have been the start of creating the artist I am, maybe it was unrelated. Who knows. There are years of my life that I believe I got over so well I can barely remember them, they are fuzzy. Lets not dig up the past anymore.
Its dead and buried and better off that way. bye bye.

The only history I am concerned with right now is the art history we have discussed the importance of. I think alot of internet sites and books tend to skim over it, I think we should analyse it in more detail, I mean who skips the first 30 odd thousand years. There may be some interesting stuff to discover. I suppose the recent art is seemed the most important because of the influence it has on our lives now or the influence our lives has on it.

Some detective work is in order me thinks. I think I will get alot of ideas and knowledge. til next post.

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