Thursday, 21 June 2012

break from technology

I havent posted for a few days. Changing my internet at the minute, borrowing next doors. To be honest its a good thing a break from technology. I have been drawing endlessly. With no distractions.
Technology really can and does consume your life. Ive got so much to scan and post.

Just posting some pics I meant to post the other day, I have been doing alot of character design based from these drawings, that will have to wait until im back online for good.
just a few observational drawings I have done, I am still here though and I am still practicing and working throughout the holidays. So I guess this is it for the time being. Peace out.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Personification of inanimate objects

The rocks I saw the other day were interesting. That's right interesting rocks. I was considering why they were interesting, what was the key factor that made them so. I believe the answer is that they have character. I think the right word is Personification.

Finding inanimate objects that have personality is not that hard, I mean how many times have you looked at an object and saw a face or something else that gave it personality.

I was going around the house on my daily tidy up and put some scraps of paper, empty conditioner bottles, a brush the dogs had chewed and the like in a co-op plastic bag, I put it on the coffee table while I had a rest. I looked over at it and the plastic bag had character.
The handles where sitting up like ears the creases made a sort of face and the chewed dog brush was outside the bag. It was as if the bag was chewing it. The plastic bag was greedy. He was buldging at the seams, as if he'd already greedily ate a load of other things.

I was considering how normal this is to see objects with character. As a child when I told my dad that there was a monster in the wardrobe he said it was natural for the human brain to “make faces” or words to that effect. There is alot of truth in this, at least from my perspective.
Objects can however appear to have character or personality, it has a lot to do with form but can be colour, value, texture or line.

For instance two black candlesticks I have on the windowsill look proud because of the way the stand tall and have a round shape that gives them a broad shoulders look.
The sun candlestick looks solemn, all objects with that sun face look solemn.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

#8 Atmosphere

An extension to the last post.
Trying to get find a certain atmosphere today. Took loads of pictures. I will only post up a few. I spoke before of how the camera sometimes dosent take pictures of things as you see them, not today. I managed to retain that green glow of summer in the woods, it was also wet, its all good.

#7 The interesting rock creatures

I'm glad I went out today. As a child I had an obsession with hanging around in and exploring woods. I used to get up at 5am while my parents were still in bed and take my childhood dog for a walk.

I was on the hunt for atmosphere and textures today. At this time of year even dark scary woods have an emerald glow because of the bright green leaves. Usually photographs dont capture things the way I see them but today the photographs did which was a very pleasing outcome.

I found some rather unusual rocks aswell. Rocks really are not as boring as some people think. In fact they can be really interesting add the creepy shadows of a bunch of trees and you have a really interesting atmosphere.

If you cant see the resemblence between this rock and the head of a dinosaur then you need to learn to see properly. It looks like the expression of pain whilst the creature was being decapitated.

Snake. Not a very proportionate one, he (or she) has just eaten some bricks.... it has an eye though....

A pair of goafers. appears to be giving the other a piggy back ride. They have noses and eyes and everything.... I 'll admit I didnt see the gofers until i looked at the pictures later on. The piggy back ride "idea" is questionable to say the least..... could be hamsters, we'll settle for rodents.

Could be a fat cat looks more like a bulbasaur.... oh no wait an ivysaur because they have more plants growing from them...

I did get alot of the textures/reference I set out to get. I got alot more. This has inspired me to use some of these rocks as part of my environment.

#6 Where passion begins.

I originally intended to do something else and did some research but it is irrelevant now. The past day I have been drawing my greyhound. Shes a great model because she shuffles every couple of minutes.
Making sure I have lots of partly drawn parts of her. I was particularly interested in how you can see everything under her skin, her bones, her veins. Shes getting there though So I will have to take this oppurtunity before she is fattened up.

The thing about the last idea is that I was not passionate enough about it. I have spoken countless amounts of time about channeling passion into work, this summer project will be no exception. Its a great oppurtunity because it gives you alot of freedom. Most of the projects we had this year have  to be honest discovering ways in which you can channel your own interests depends on how narrow or diverse your interests are.

pictures posted later.....gotta go somewhere

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Games these days...

After having my passion rekindled recently by a young person who loved games I checked out E3 an event that in the past was highly anticipated and looked forward to by myself.

If you've seen the press recently you'll know that it was not what people wanted and has slowly started to loose what its intent was and that was to get people exited about video games....

It was no exception for me, I too felt more than a little bit disappointed. I sighed with boredom when Nintendo announced a new side scrolling super Mario brothers plat former. Most of the games were another sequel to an existing franchise. Resi 6? I stopped playing after resi 4.

I will try and look at this argument from both sides. If I was a video games developer in a deteriorating industry. I would probably be a little apprehensive about doing anything new and a little unwilling to try and fork out the cash (if available) to attempt anything new for a fear of complete failure.

As a gamer I miss the old feeling of taking the risk playing an entirely new video game and discovering that it was a gem. You just don't see it any more.
I am losing the inclination to play and have been for quite some time. At one time they were evolving into something greater all the time. At this point in time video game evolution has stopped.

Second thoughts... evolution is not the right word to use at least not anymore. If they had evolved the changes that were made would be advantageous and ensure there future survival.

The word we are looking for is upgraded, upgrade is not the same thing as evolution. its human nature to upgrade Our own natural weakness as people, makes us do so, to want and make something bigger and better, but the thing about this weakness is that it is usually at the cost of something that we really shouldn't let go of.
It is not just a man thing, it is a hu – man thing.
We do it with our partners, our homes, our cars, our stereo, our mobile phone, our shops, our cities.
Our shoes. Our computers. Most of these upgrades make us do less work by the way inducing laziness... or just make us look good (or at least we think they do)

We wanted better visuals we got them but lost the magic that made our games. Good visuals are nothing without the magic. That's why I would rather go back to an old game with less flashy graphics and experience the magic over again rather than try something new that looks flashy but will inevitable suck.

I created the greatest city in the world.... but I cut down all the trees.
I can marvel at that city but never again can I be in touch with nature and go for a walk in the woods, damn. Suddenly the city does not seem that great!”

There is nothing that I anticipate any more. Its all gone stale. Its like making home made bread for the first time you know before you put it in the oven it “hasn't worked” is there any point in turning the oven on?
I feel sorry for anyone doing games design all those ideas and nowhere to put them. Its OK for us though ( sarcasm intended) all we have to do is make pretty rocks for games that suck ( If only it were that simple......) In an industry where the need for pretty rocks declines every day.
Yes I am scared.

I say anyone with any sense will keep there options open.  When the going gets tough, the tough find something else to make with 3D or to apply our skills to.. Even the very subject we study will evolve into something else eventually, it has been said and I hypothesise that will be sooner rather than later.

I still want to hang on to any hope I have that things will get better and this is just some kind of lull in the action. I cannot visualise a positive outcome though and thats just depressing.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The visual appeal of the weather?

The last few weeks have been overcome with peoples conversations about the weather, I have found it more than slightly annoying. It does raise the question as to why it is such an important subject.

The next paragraph is relevent though it may appear to be slightly off topic.

2 weeks ago I lost my dog, Sasha. Rather than waste printer ink making posters with a false promise of a reward and stick them to every lampost within a 2 mile radius of my house, I thought it would be an excellent idea to spread the news via a social networking site (whoopeedoo)

That way anyone who lived or knew anyone that lived within a two mile radius could share my picture and information about my lost dog.

I went out looking in the car to see if I could find her for 3 hours and came back to check and see if my post had had any shares. Not one.

The home page was covered with peoples comments about the weather. Yay its sunshine. If people could take the time to talk about the sunshine which everyone knew about anyway just by looking out the window then it wouldnt have hurt to help me with my lost dog. I dont go on there anymore it blows worse than aunt em's bun in a twister.

The fact is weather talk is just a means of socialising with one another. Nobody really cares.
Its not like they are meteorologists discussing how lenticular cloud formations are mistaken for U.F.O's (that after all would be vaguley interesting and actually stimulate my grey matter)
I dont see the point its just more preprogrammed robotic nonsense to clog my ear holes with (or vision in this case).

(Illustration courtesy of Tyler and demo of what key stage 2 art class teaches kids these days)

Its always the sunshine “im gonna sit in the garden with 10 beer's and let the UVA rays damage the protein that holds my skin together whilst willingly contributing to the shrinking of my brain, cheers,”

I have never once heard anyone have a conversation about rainbows. After all they are flippin' awesome, one of the best looking after effects of the weather. That or the green sky I witnessed in Preston , lancs in 1995. Or the orange glow of “night snow”.

Said awesomeness - Rainbow - the other day, just near bardon.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

thoughts on next year n stuff

Someone questioned me today as to why I was still writing in my blog after the acedemic year is over.
The answer to that question is that my learning has not stopped just because the year has "ended".  At this moment in time I am prepared to use the next 4 months to practice relentlessly at everything after all this "is" my life.  Take responsibility for my own learning, so I will have to do what I think is right, thats what being independent is all about making your own decisions and standing on your own two feet.

I am sick of publishing bad work in this blog even if it still means I am having a go. I have faith though that I will improve and I can look back in the future and see that as I have done.
When I reviewed the first year I felt like I missed so much out. I reviewed the course but did not really review the social aspect of uni, which is a HUGE part of it, it is even part of the learning which I did not realise until the end. I dont usually hold back with verbalising my thoughts. Now will be no exeption.

I have never been the going-outy type.  I dont read people to well and I never ever have and it does take me a while to "click on" to things. After christmas uni was a misery for me,  It wasnt the course work, I liked the work else I wouldnt carry it on. The fact that some people think its ok to alienate people and delibretley create trouble for people disturbs me. That is the reason why I have been working at home the last 6 weeks and not in the labs. Next year will be different.

Although I do worry about next year and I am sure the anxiety will carry me through until the end of summer and into early autumn. I am worried about group projects and I tried to build myself a decent reputation as someone who works hard I hope I still have that to some degree.
It would be cool to be good enough to earn an internship and I hope I will be encouraged besides the obvious set backs I have. I understand diversity but when its at my own expense.
I am making a fresh start next year.  I have only scraped the surface, I am stronger than this believe me.
On a lighter note It would be cool if some more "mature" students came on the course and I dont mean mature in age  I mean mature in the head, but one can only dream ;)

Edit: I was so close to deleting this. I often write posts and then go over them and alter things and correct them until there is nothing left. I think I have done this with a least 20 percent of my posts this year.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Quarry blasting creates dust and other stories.

I havent posted for a few days like I promised. For some reason alot of jobs have accumulated again. Where do they come from?
Living near a quarry dusting and cleaning skirting boards becomes part of you, and yes it really does get like that.
Washing your car? in 3 days it is dirty again.
The quarry blasting siren can be heard from my house and has an eerie silent hill effect. Its even more creepy If you go to the top of bardon hill. Its really windy, there is a cliff there and you can look down and see all of the layers of the quarry and the blue water in the middle. A rare spider lives at the top, ive yet to find it.

Theres some weird metal structure at the top, My son thinks its wee willie winkie's (of nusery rhyme fame) spaceship. To him wee wille winkie is a stick man dressed in tartan with a lemon for a head. My mum told me as a child he would tickle me to death if I wasnt in bed for 8pm ( or 8 o'clock as it were). Thus creating an obsession with time and having to arrange appointments for an exact time. I hate clocks that go dong they fill me with dread.

Ridley my mantis died. (last one) Shame really I was hoping for it to reach instar 6 and take some cool photographs to use as textures. They are really not that easy to keep.

Been talking to next years lot again, seem like a decent bunch. Nerds honour I will help them if they need it.
If I could ever help anyone with anything I would never say no despite my menacing appearence, it is just a face. Swear.

I fell in love with the greyhound. Asked neighbour if I could have her...... I must be very persuasive because she hogged my bed last night. She can move...... but not when shes on my bed though. She looks like a goblin shark when shes asleep.
Now I have an excuse to finish that vehicle based on her... ( like I need one )

I have realised that if your an artist you need to be inspired, tommorow I am going to go out and photograph some cool stuff. I live literally 5 minutes walk from the countryside, and from the oldest rocks in england and a monestry and I can take the doggies.