Thursday, 18 October 2012

I killed the list...... what is art?

 I wrote this after i'd written this post.
Firstly I would like to say that everytime I write in this blog there is a chance I may get things wrong or appear stupid or dumb and contradict myself in excess. But I still write what I think based on what I have learned in that day or week, there is always a chance that my opinions will be disagreed with. 
I have to write things from my own perspective the way I have learnt things and what they mean to me personally.

 Words are so misleading, how frustrating.
I have raised a question. Lets break this down. What is art to me? what does it mean to me.
I have read many definitions but Im determined to figure this out. Based on the lecture today where alot of things were explained in simple terms. Serving its purpose being the hardest to grasp and break down.
Functionality is the correct word. After knowing what it means it has made me realise alot more. Just saying that it needs to serve its purpose dosent quite cut it as I came to understand.

Yesterday I was an "art to serve its purpose" artist today I'm all about functionality in art.

I would say art  is visual communication that has functionality.

Its about the qualitys art has that makes it suited to serve that purpose.
Discovering those "qualitys" makes this one very high up in the heirachy of concept art.

Hang on just one minute.......

Im going to contradict mine/everyones systemizing of what you need to do to be a concept artist

About lists though.... Are all of the things of equal importance be it design, adabtabilty or functionality, skills and time and speed.

I would have put adaptabilty very high. If your thrown in at the deep end and you cant adapt to new software or methods of doing things all the other things become obselete.

Without The design or brief, you wouldnt know what you are doing or the qualitys you would need to give your art, you wouldnt even know what purpose it would need to be suited for to find those qualitys making it obselete.

Without time/speed you wouldnt get the job done on time and it would be very expensive, what would be the point. Deadlines are not met, everything becomes obselete.

Ive decided to abolish the concept art list of importance.

All of these things work together in equal importance.

..and heres a picture, because us arty types like pictures.

This is concept art planet and all of the things that make it turn around.
May I add that they have to be applied. 

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