Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The medium I cant control

I went back to bradgate park today, It was wetter and even more dismal than monday, there was rain mist too, I managed to find a bench under a tree.

I managed to do some fairly decent tonal sketches of areas, and some watercolours of trees, I have been determined to do my finals using traditional media. One problem though, I cant control watercolours, they seem to have a mind of there own, they are in consistent and it is pretty much hit or miss unless you are an expert which I am not.

I have had to make a hard decision today, although I want to be a proper artist who uses actual paint, if my experiments continue to crash and burn like this I am going to become very behind with my visual design work.

So Im going to practice traditinal in my own time and do some digital paintings of bradgate.
Ive got enough info on paper, even my rubbish atmospheric watercolour splodges have some use, see its not all bad is it.

ill upload themalong with the final peice when its done,

Its just stressing me out making all of these mistakes I know you learn from them but I feel I could be making better use of my time quite frankly,

I prefer oil paints but they are so time consuming. time, thats the issue here.

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