Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Show me the Monet

You saw what I just did.

I do written research for alot of my visual design projects but I struggle to find ways to put it on facebook.
Genius. Write it on your blog.

I have decided to base my masters study on Monet, because I struggle with colour and lighting and that man does both so well.

I found out that he only used certain colours within his paintings. The artist himself said that.

"As for the colors I use, what's so interesting about that ? I don't think one could paint better or more brightly with another palette. The most important thing is to know how to use the colors. Their choice is a matter of habit. In short, I use white lead, cadmium yellow, vermilion, madder, cobalt blue, chrome green. Tha t's all."

I found out later that he had "cataracts" and when he had them fixed he destroyed alot of his work.

The painting that i am particularly interested in is this one. Impression soliel levant.

Im not a huge fan, but I can appreciate it. It gave the impression of something, and quickly painted. I like the way he has used colour to give the impression of light and how the colours contrast. The way the placement of colour on the canvas gives certain areas more visual weight. Broken lines to give the impression of detail.
I would like to achieve the simplicity and directness that monet has achieved with his paintings.

He never used black. he would make up shade and shadow using a mixture of other colours.
Now to try it for myself

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