Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Recipe for making time

Today I realised that I need to get a whole lot more practice in.
I can be quick, but now I need to be accurate. quick and accurate. Which means I need to get better and master the fundamentals.

Making the time

You will never ever hear me moan that There isnt enough time to do work. There is, you have to make the time. To do that you need to stop doing something useless and start doing something useful. Its easy.

Say victoria spends 5 hrs a day smoking and drinking coffee, all victoria needs to do is stop smoking and drinking coffee which are useless things to do and she will have an extra 5 hrs to do something useful, every week she will have 25 extra hrs that could be put into her work or spending time with her son.

Thats a whole day extra time. Think of all the things you can do in a whole day.

Its not rocket science, just give up something you do that is useless to you, spending time on facebook maybe?

This week I made time. 
 I quit smoking this week and quit drinking coffee, none of those things did me any good. They were a waste of my time.

This is my dream and I plan on putting as much time into it as possible. Ill just keep going, keep practicing, and master this stuff. Just a few sacrifices can make all the difference.

 Digital painting

Digital painting just wasnt working for me, it was taking too  much time, almost to the point I nearly gave up.
How hard can this be? i thought.

So i found a new way, a way that works, a way that is quicker and easier and gets stuff done fast, and accuratley. Happy now.

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