Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What inspires me that is part of me?

In visual design today we were asked what inspires us that is part of us. Well that is the question.
I have to write about it, writing is the best way for me to answer questions, particularly about myself.

The truth is I did know the answer to that question but did not want to say the answer out loud. The answer is that emotion inspires me. It makes me see things in ways that I wouldnt ordinaraly see things. I wouldnt say it clouds my judgement more like it helps me to really see beyond what is visual into something deeper.

Things that remind me off my past, tastes, smells, temperature, colours, peoples manerisms, the way things are lit. Things that remind me of previously experienced emotion inspire me. Emotion I know is part of everyone, but it drives me, good and bad emotions I can use part of them and put it into something else.

Thats the answer. Theres nothing to it.

Examples are, the smell of the night combined with the coldness of concrete or the mixture of peppermints, tea and ciggarettes. The smell of toast cooking on a fork on the gasfire. Nobody does that anymore..... why?

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