Saturday, 11 February 2012

'ello guvna

In case the title didn't give it away Ive just come back from London.
I am in the middle of the gladiator project in game production this week and I absolutely refuse to get reference material from google images because that is just boring.

I looked into ps2 gladiator games (since character was for ps2 spec) and i noticed that the costume is what really defined the character. I looked on line and managed to find some real gladiator artifacts in London in the British museum, helmets, Shields, and weapons. The weapons will also do for the next project.

Mostly there was just sculpture and pots and coins. I went to the museum of London first and it was boring.
The British museum was better from first glance because it had Stone pillars.

If it hasn't got stone pillars its not a museum.

Crocodile skin armour, metal foot protectors. Gut called severus (not snape)

Belts, Shields not strong enough to protect, strange devil shaped helmets.

Weapons, footwear, material from mayor of londons coach (to be used for costume)

Most of these are roman warrior  helmets,  the largest is an actual roman gladiator helmet.
Just one.

More armour protective metal, helmet visors.

One thing of particular interest was a roman crocodile skin armour. Cool and strange. It would be cool to try and find a way to incorporate that into my project.

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