Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Loving what I do - eval of work

Loving life drawing. Loving game production. loving writing about it all.

I think its time to do a little evaluaton/self crit of my recent work.
We have just finished the vehicle project which I really enjoyed.

I made my own decals up for the van, I was inspired by a really strange stop motion animation short by "corin hardy" called butterfly. I am happy with the way it looks, I think those extra hours may have paid off. I forgot to model the interior til the last minute like a drongo. Finally realised th eimportance of getting the basic shape down when modelling.

Reef project
Sketched hundreds and hundreds of thumbnails ,developed 10 finals for this, cutn it dowjn to 3, then to 1.

This was the final final final.... I thought what does this need to be? fit for its purpose, it was very quick but it showed the colour , expression, costume what more did i need to develop a 3d model. turnaround sheets, check... i refuse to spend time messing about to get a beautiful image, when i dont need a beautiful image.

Life drawing

I understand the ned to produce accurate renderings o the human form. Does that mean you have to draw every single detail? I looked around and saw a sea of curvy drawings. I was told to draw what I see. My head was still in polygon mode.... the mode when i see things as they would be in 3ds max.

Jack said it was accurate.  The lines and the tones.He made me promise that I would not mess with it or alter it anymore.  It was a random idea... a risk.....a rebellion against conformity, took 5 mins... but everyone liked it? strange huh? how you can put hours into a peice and it dosent work and just do something straight from your head without thinking to much and it works.

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