Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Film review - better late than never

Of all the wednesday films I have watched so far session 9 has by far got to be the best.
I started to write a film review ages ago.

The 2002 film “session 9” was directed by Brad Anderson and starred Peter Mullan and David caruso.

The film is a typical psychological horror genre. The film is set inside an abandoned mental institution . The building and its interior is old and crumbling away but its history is still very much alive through photographs on the walls to equipment in the old treatment rooms.

The story follows A group of contract workers go there to remove the asbestos from the building and and seem to become psycologically disturbed as they become more involved with there work and the buildings haunting atmosphere seems to take them over. As the film progresses you begin to learn more about the main character and also what went on at the hospital before it was abandoned.

I actually conducted some research into the building that the film was based on during the interesting character project because I saw some people in coalville that reminded me of mental patients.

To go there. would have been an experience, its gone now. I just loved the way in which the paint was flaking off the walls, it gave the place an atmosphere that words cannot describe. ok ill try, abandoned buildings are cool, because there is still a sense of life in them, when things are left you can almost sense the last human contact that the object had.
Maybe a chair is lying in a particular way or there is something stuck to the wall. Its things like that that add atmosphere.

That place stuck in my head...... more of the same please.

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