Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The post about industry guest lecture's

FINALLY i can write in my blog about industy guest lectures and how they have benefitted me.

Flight simulation - I will keep this one brief, I heard that we "insert textures into polygons" The only thing It helped me realise is that everyone has there... whats the word.... specialty? making fun of this guy will not make me more inteliigent than him, If I was to give a lecture on his specialist subject I can guarantee I would look like an idiot. He was an intelligent guy, his demonstration of what a polygon was was questionable..... but i discussed it with my dad and he says that people look at things in different ways and have different approaches.
Yes they do.

The codemasters one - Well what can I say, every questiion I wanted to know was confirmed, work does not neccesarily have to be beautiful but fit for its purpose, something I have thought for a long time. Also about working quickly, it all makes sense.
The demonstration was interesting, I picked up alot of tips.
We were asked if any of us had a dream to be a concept artist and not to be ashamed of that, I have never felt worthy to admit I have a secret dream to be a concept artist... but yeah... yes i do.

There I said it, I have a secret dream to be a concept artist, the same way I have a secret dream to be a popstar or a famous actress. Pipe dreams, that will never come into fruition. Its the dreams I can make real im interested in.

Another thing I noticed that stuck in my mind was the fact it was said that something he did last time was not important anymore. This made me think that you never ever stop growing as an artist , even in industry. why i thought anything else I will never know.

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