Wednesday, 1 February 2012

How I have progressed

I was told to get faster. Oh I have, I have worked my back of practicing to do things quickly and accuratley.
This has to be said because I feel that I have improved so much that I look back on last semesters work and in this blog and realised that my efforts were pretty poor. Even my posts showing what I could do in 12 hours were poor compared to how I have progressed.
I am producing 5 times more work than before and it is more accurate. I am using my time to try and approach 3d moddeling in different ways, trying to find the best way.

I am a listener, I  absorb what I hear, good remarks or bad remarks and use what I can from both to help me. I have a sponge that soaks everything up.
Yes, I have ideas that may seem a little crazy to some.  I am not a source of entertainment for anyone, I am not a court jester. I am a person who puts in the time to get better. I can show this without including a weeks work in this post.
I enjoyed game art last semester, I love it now more than ever the hard work is very rewarding to me.
I had a little lull in the action over christmas, as I have said but I have been back on my feet for weeks.

The most important thing apart from growing as an artist is how I have grown as an individual, How I have developed critically and creativley. I am constantly trying to find new ways to look at problems and tasks  and how to write about things from different angles, veiwpoints and perspectives.

I have learned to "rise above" immurturity and let unimportant things go over my head, stand up to fear of feeling inadequate and worthless and not be afraid to write how i feel.  I  realise that the determination I have is worth more than gold because its hard to hang onto experiencing the ups and downs, But I have hung on and hanging on gets easier as i have developed strength in character. I have developed confidence and that is new to me.

I have also leanred that being mature isnt about being serious, its about knowing when to let go, when the right time is.

I like to spend time with the people I have met and talk about there backgrounds and there experiences as it helps to inspire me. The younger ones are a breath of fresh air and keep me smiling and keep the dark clouds away the older ones are pillars of stone than understand me and help to support me. Im glad I met them, they are fantastic.  I have learned to let the world around me inspire me and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places a cup of coffee or aman in a blue monk suit.

The most important parts of this personal growth lies in the hands of the people who have been an inspiration to me knowing that if they can work hard and run a household and look after a family then so can I.
I can do it.

You say a footballer plays once a week. its what he does inbetween that helps him grow as an athlete?

That is how I have progressed....... and that is what has happened inbetween the visual design, the 3d and the critical studies.

I feel proud and strong and worth something, I feel taller. That is because I have grown.

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