Saturday, 2 June 2012

Quarry blasting creates dust and other stories.

I havent posted for a few days like I promised. For some reason alot of jobs have accumulated again. Where do they come from?
Living near a quarry dusting and cleaning skirting boards becomes part of you, and yes it really does get like that.
Washing your car? in 3 days it is dirty again.
The quarry blasting siren can be heard from my house and has an eerie silent hill effect. Its even more creepy If you go to the top of bardon hill. Its really windy, there is a cliff there and you can look down and see all of the layers of the quarry and the blue water in the middle. A rare spider lives at the top, ive yet to find it.

Theres some weird metal structure at the top, My son thinks its wee willie winkie's (of nusery rhyme fame) spaceship. To him wee wille winkie is a stick man dressed in tartan with a lemon for a head. My mum told me as a child he would tickle me to death if I wasnt in bed for 8pm ( or 8 o'clock as it were). Thus creating an obsession with time and having to arrange appointments for an exact time. I hate clocks that go dong they fill me with dread.

Ridley my mantis died. (last one) Shame really I was hoping for it to reach instar 6 and take some cool photographs to use as textures. They are really not that easy to keep.

Been talking to next years lot again, seem like a decent bunch. Nerds honour I will help them if they need it.
If I could ever help anyone with anything I would never say no despite my menacing appearence, it is just a face. Swear.

I fell in love with the greyhound. Asked neighbour if I could have her...... I must be very persuasive because she hogged my bed last night. She can move...... but not when shes on my bed though. She looks like a goblin shark when shes asleep.
Now I have an excuse to finish that vehicle based on her... ( like I need one )

I have realised that if your an artist you need to be inspired, tommorow I am going to go out and photograph some cool stuff. I live literally 5 minutes walk from the countryside, and from the oldest rocks in england and a monestry and I can take the doggies.

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