Saturday, 9 June 2012

Games these days...

After having my passion rekindled recently by a young person who loved games I checked out E3 an event that in the past was highly anticipated and looked forward to by myself.

If you've seen the press recently you'll know that it was not what people wanted and has slowly started to loose what its intent was and that was to get people exited about video games....

It was no exception for me, I too felt more than a little bit disappointed. I sighed with boredom when Nintendo announced a new side scrolling super Mario brothers plat former. Most of the games were another sequel to an existing franchise. Resi 6? I stopped playing after resi 4.

I will try and look at this argument from both sides. If I was a video games developer in a deteriorating industry. I would probably be a little apprehensive about doing anything new and a little unwilling to try and fork out the cash (if available) to attempt anything new for a fear of complete failure.

As a gamer I miss the old feeling of taking the risk playing an entirely new video game and discovering that it was a gem. You just don't see it any more.
I am losing the inclination to play and have been for quite some time. At one time they were evolving into something greater all the time. At this point in time video game evolution has stopped.

Second thoughts... evolution is not the right word to use at least not anymore. If they had evolved the changes that were made would be advantageous and ensure there future survival.

The word we are looking for is upgraded, upgrade is not the same thing as evolution. its human nature to upgrade Our own natural weakness as people, makes us do so, to want and make something bigger and better, but the thing about this weakness is that it is usually at the cost of something that we really shouldn't let go of.
It is not just a man thing, it is a hu – man thing.
We do it with our partners, our homes, our cars, our stereo, our mobile phone, our shops, our cities.
Our shoes. Our computers. Most of these upgrades make us do less work by the way inducing laziness... or just make us look good (or at least we think they do)

We wanted better visuals we got them but lost the magic that made our games. Good visuals are nothing without the magic. That's why I would rather go back to an old game with less flashy graphics and experience the magic over again rather than try something new that looks flashy but will inevitable suck.

I created the greatest city in the world.... but I cut down all the trees.
I can marvel at that city but never again can I be in touch with nature and go for a walk in the woods, damn. Suddenly the city does not seem that great!”

There is nothing that I anticipate any more. Its all gone stale. Its like making home made bread for the first time you know before you put it in the oven it “hasn't worked” is there any point in turning the oven on?
I feel sorry for anyone doing games design all those ideas and nowhere to put them. Its OK for us though ( sarcasm intended) all we have to do is make pretty rocks for games that suck ( If only it were that simple......) In an industry where the need for pretty rocks declines every day.
Yes I am scared.

I say anyone with any sense will keep there options open.  When the going gets tough, the tough find something else to make with 3D or to apply our skills to.. Even the very subject we study will evolve into something else eventually, it has been said and I hypothesise that will be sooner rather than later.

I still want to hang on to any hope I have that things will get better and this is just some kind of lull in the action. I cannot visualise a positive outcome though and thats just depressing.

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