Thursday, 7 June 2012

The visual appeal of the weather?

The last few weeks have been overcome with peoples conversations about the weather, I have found it more than slightly annoying. It does raise the question as to why it is such an important subject.

The next paragraph is relevent though it may appear to be slightly off topic.

2 weeks ago I lost my dog, Sasha. Rather than waste printer ink making posters with a false promise of a reward and stick them to every lampost within a 2 mile radius of my house, I thought it would be an excellent idea to spread the news via a social networking site (whoopeedoo)

That way anyone who lived or knew anyone that lived within a two mile radius could share my picture and information about my lost dog.

I went out looking in the car to see if I could find her for 3 hours and came back to check and see if my post had had any shares. Not one.

The home page was covered with peoples comments about the weather. Yay its sunshine. If people could take the time to talk about the sunshine which everyone knew about anyway just by looking out the window then it wouldnt have hurt to help me with my lost dog. I dont go on there anymore it blows worse than aunt em's bun in a twister.

The fact is weather talk is just a means of socialising with one another. Nobody really cares.
Its not like they are meteorologists discussing how lenticular cloud formations are mistaken for U.F.O's (that after all would be vaguley interesting and actually stimulate my grey matter)
I dont see the point its just more preprogrammed robotic nonsense to clog my ear holes with (or vision in this case).

(Illustration courtesy of Tyler and demo of what key stage 2 art class teaches kids these days)

Its always the sunshine “im gonna sit in the garden with 10 beer's and let the UVA rays damage the protein that holds my skin together whilst willingly contributing to the shrinking of my brain, cheers,”

I have never once heard anyone have a conversation about rainbows. After all they are flippin' awesome, one of the best looking after effects of the weather. That or the green sky I witnessed in Preston , lancs in 1995. Or the orange glow of “night snow”.

Said awesomeness - Rainbow - the other day, just near bardon.

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