Tuesday, 12 June 2012

#7 The interesting rock creatures

I'm glad I went out today. As a child I had an obsession with hanging around in and exploring woods. I used to get up at 5am while my parents were still in bed and take my childhood dog for a walk.

I was on the hunt for atmosphere and textures today. At this time of year even dark scary woods have an emerald glow because of the bright green leaves. Usually photographs dont capture things the way I see them but today the photographs did which was a very pleasing outcome.

I found some rather unusual rocks aswell. Rocks really are not as boring as some people think. In fact they can be really interesting add the creepy shadows of a bunch of trees and you have a really interesting atmosphere.

If you cant see the resemblence between this rock and the head of a dinosaur then you need to learn to see properly. It looks like the expression of pain whilst the creature was being decapitated.

Snake. Not a very proportionate one, he (or she) has just eaten some bricks.... it has an eye though....

A pair of goafers. Er.....one appears to be giving the other a piggy back ride. They have noses and eyes and everything.... I 'll admit I didnt see the gofers until i looked at the pictures later on. The piggy back ride "idea" is questionable to say the least..... could be hamsters, we'll settle for rodents.

Could be a fat cat looks more like a bulbasaur.... oh no wait an ivysaur because they have more plants growing from them...

I did get alot of the textures/reference I set out to get. I got alot more. This has inspired me to use some of these rocks as part of my environment.

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