Saturday, 16 June 2012

Personification of inanimate objects

The rocks I saw the other day were interesting. That's right interesting rocks. I was considering why they were interesting, what was the key factor that made them so. I believe the answer is that they have character. I think the right word is Personification.

Finding inanimate objects that have personality is not that hard, I mean how many times have you looked at an object and saw a face or something else that gave it personality.

I was going around the house on my daily tidy up and put some scraps of paper, empty conditioner bottles, a brush the dogs had chewed and the like in a co-op plastic bag, I put it on the coffee table while I had a rest. I looked over at it and the plastic bag had character.
The handles where sitting up like ears the creases made a sort of face and the chewed dog brush was outside the bag. It was as if the bag was chewing it. The plastic bag was greedy. He was buldging at the seams, as if he'd already greedily ate a load of other things.

I was considering how normal this is to see objects with character. As a child when I told my dad that there was a monster in the wardrobe he said it was natural for the human brain to “make faces” or words to that effect. There is alot of truth in this, at least from my perspective.
Objects can however appear to have character or personality, it has a lot to do with form but can be colour, value, texture or line.

For instance two black candlesticks I have on the windowsill look proud because of the way the stand tall and have a round shape that gives them a broad shoulders look.
The sun candlestick looks solemn, all objects with that sun face look solemn.

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