Tuesday, 12 June 2012

#6 Where passion begins.

I originally intended to do something else and did some research but it is irrelevant now. The past day I have been drawing my greyhound. Shes a great model because she shuffles every couple of minutes.
Making sure I have lots of partly drawn parts of her. I was particularly interested in how you can see everything under her skin, her bones, her veins. Shes getting there though So I will have to take this oppurtunity before she is fattened up.

The thing about the last idea is that I was not passionate enough about it. I have spoken countless amounts of time about channeling passion into work, this summer project will be no exception. Its a great oppurtunity because it gives you alot of freedom. Most of the projects we had this year have  to be honest discovering ways in which you can channel your own interests depends on how narrow or diverse your interests are.

pictures posted later.....gotta go somewhere

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