Monday, 30 April 2012

3d Sculpture that isnt solid

I watched  a video today about an artist who makes a different kind of 3d sculpture.
I always nieavley thought that 3d sculpture had to be sculpted in some way like clay is sculpted with tools or hands or something but Janet Echelman uses air to give her "sculptures"  form and I think that is brilliant.


What is most inspiring about Janet Echelmans work is the back story behind it. It is a classic example of an artist taking inspiration from the world around her. Something we ae encouraged to do and why not?
She was inspired by the world around her when her artwork didnt arrive for an exhibition she was doing. she found fishing nets on the beach and that inspired her to make something with that.
She went on of course to make many of these net inspired sculptures even finding new materials to make them with that would withstand the elements.

Its cool because it makes one think of the possibilities and the things you can do that may appear in the most random of ways. I wonder if there are any other artists that use elements to give there sculpture form.

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