Saturday, 28 April 2012


During the past year I have become increasingly interested and curious about how the imagination works.
I always thought that everyones thought process was the same. Until I started to ask people.

I asked a particular question to different "kinds" of people. That question was "If i asked you to design a new type of cup whats the first thing that comes into your head?" 

My dad who is/was an engineer says that he sees in front of him  a blank white cup in 3D that can be rotated

The graphic designer, sees in 3d in there head.

My mum who works at the bakery said that she sees a flat image of a cup.

Another person sees motion picture in there head of there life experience of cups.

another, thinks of cup without seeing anything, they think without forming any picture.

Someone else starts to think of a new way to drink.

I assumed that most people who are artists whould be visual and see an image. Thats not the case.

6 types of imaginers.

The visual, thinks in pictures or images

The non visual, thinks in words

The three dimensional, thinks in 3d

The projector - actuallly sees what they think in front of them

The Tv, thinks in motion picture

The overthinker. sees beyond

I wonder if there are any others or combination types.

Its strange because different thinkers like dad the engineer seem to be suited to the jobs they have depending on the way they think or imagine.

I think its mint that peoples brains are so diverse.

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