Saturday, 28 April 2012

Designing known characters

Summer project. Starting the summer project I was in two minds as to whether or not to do the spaceship crash site or the henry VIII one.

I love space games, namely metroid but Im also really interested in history. I decided to do the henry VIII project.

Thinking about it in more detail and after studying character design I thought to myself are there different rules for designing “known” characters. If the character is well known such as henry VIII, people tend to have a preconception on “who” the character is. I think that including elements of this is important when designing a well known character that already has a sense of identity.

Take a well known character for instance that we are all familiar with. Lets say Alice from Alice and wonderland and find some examples.

The blue dress and pinny is pretty standard attire for Alice. What if we take it away? What happens to her.


She looses her identity. She is not “her”

What about henry? Are there rules for him. Fat, Red hair? So how could one go about keeping a characters identity without making it stereotypical, unoriginal and boring. That IS the question. 

 That will be another post.

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