Saturday, 28 April 2012

Visual realism VS visual appeal

Going back to some character design this week, I thought about the lecturers we have had that have spoken about symmetry.
One of them clearly suggested that we like looking at things that are symmetrical because that is "natures way" that is how everything is formed, in a certain pattern. The "regular brained"  human being see faces that are more symmetrical as being more beautiful. I would say there is a lot of truth in that.

But does true symmetry exist in the faces of people? apparently not. In fact it was never suggested that any ones face was in perfect symmetrical.

When designing characters it is important to know there is a fine line between making a face less or more symmetrical  for it to be visually appealing or convey visual realism to the audience. Is both what we aim to achieve?.
For instance I was designing a head for a particular character which i thought looked a little too symmetrical (going down the uncanny valley) so I made its eye wonky and gave it a blemish near its lip. My 10 year old insisted it was fugly. I wonder what the science is behind that?

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