Monday, 30 April 2012

From insanely hectic to insanely quiet

One thing that drives me nuts about academia is that it is insanely hectic during term time and insanely quiet during non-term time. I'll admit that I dont enjoy the inconsistency. It drives me insane.

Kids are still at school, so most of the day its dead

Mr Victoria says "Im only happy when I keep myself busy", and that I should go over my old work and try and make it better just for practices sake. For what its worth I agree with him.
I have to keep myself busy. All of the time. Ok we have a summer project and a book to read ( mortal engines, half way through, cool) but still.

Im getting into this character design though. Trying to find new ways in which to approach it so that it isnt reminiscent of some of the sterotypical generic rubbish I have foolishly produced in the past.

For the visual design work I am going back to the traditional media I used to swear by.  Its hilarious because Ive wanted all year to get better at digital from the zero I was. I have gotten better no doubt about it. 3 months ago I could barely do it at all until I studied monet.

But the thing about digital art that bugs me is that it doesnt exist. not like a painting or sculpture that has form. I suppose the same could be said for 3D. There is something about traditional art that is speicial.

pencil work. thats what im doing and watercolour and traditional 3d sculpture. My inspiration wall is covered at the moment with loomis pictures of correct proportions of males and females, loomis heads  the skeleton and muscle structure pictures.
In regards to 3d im using this as an oppurtunity to get that rigging right, and thse textures and those meshes, for next year. Try out that normal map baking.

And Mr Victoria has even agreed to be the model for my henry viii character as he is 6 foot 4'' and 34/36 waist the exact proportions of henry viii as a young man.
When thats finished im going to set myself a new project, and keep brushing up on everything. And post it up here.

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