Thursday, 3 May 2012

Generic rubbish avenue vs crazy idea lane

Theres a point in every project no matter how big or small when one comes to a fork in the road. There are two roads crazy idea lane and generic rubbish avenue.

From experience Ive noticed that when you choose the safe option or safe idea that is usually based on ideas from facts or research of what was known to be real you usuually end up going down generic rubbish avenue.

The concept for henry viii seems pretty solid... but is it does it have to be? Is it possible that the concept is actually pretty abstract when you view it from a different perspective?

We go back to the subject of henry viii, what is his identity? what we know? what do we know? is it possible that we dont know?

we all have a preconception of his identity but it is this preonception that gives him his identity. What we think we know.

The idea im thinking of now are his trademark features or things we know about him. He liked his ladys and he had his red hair. Can keeping that keep his identity. What elements of other character's may have these traits? that will be more interesting than  fat king sat at a table tucking into the head of a pig with an apple in its mouth.

When I started I wastold to be myself, I fear I have not done that of recent. Fear will not hold me back this time.

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