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weapons project - crit and post mortem

I feel like I havent posted any sds on here for ages. After reading the course handbook in detail ths time apparently we have to document this in detail. I have not done that, I have never documented every single peice of self directed study I have ever done. Time for a change I think.

Reflecting on my finished gun I decided that there were certain elements of the model and the texture maps a that I was not overly happy with. I have taken some screen shots of the offending areas of the weapon so I can explain exactly what it is about them that I dislike and what I can do to rectify the problems.


As you can see from the above screenshot of my weapon areas of the specular map are not as in line with the texture as I first thought. On creating the specular map I was not as particular as I thought I was and some of it looked odd as a result.
This was an easy problem to solve It was as simple as going back to the specular map and “perfecting it” . There were a few other parts of the gun that had this problem aswell. I found this was fairly fiddly due to intricate pattern on the texture but it was just a case of rubbing out the parts that should not be there (the parts in between the actual pattern).
Below image of perfected specular map.

Another specular map problem was that I had forgotten that the polished wood would have a certain shine to it this was easily rectified by adding to the specular map.

Rectified wood. It has a slight shine on it. Not too much though I didnt want to overdo it.

The bottom part of the mesh was put together using the last remaining triangles. I felt that it lacked shape because of this. I tried removing it completely but this made the gun look odd. The only option to make this better was to find a way to get rid of some useless geometry on the gun or make better use of the few triangles I had for this part of the gun.

I decided it would work better if I just made this part into a curve as I had precious few triangles to work with and I found that I was limited with 700 triangles and I had to fit as much appropriate detail in as possible. There were other parts of the gun that needed rectifying and making the mesh more gun shaped. I decided to concentrate on these other parts first as I felt they were more important parts of the gun.

The “other part”

The above screen shot is of the other part of the mesh I was referring to previously. As I had almost run out of triangles when creating this part of the model made the mistake of joining up the vertices. Unfortunately this made this part of the gun more visually reminiscent of an embroidered cushion than part of a gun, this was a lot to so with the texture as it had a slight curve towards the end near the offending area but more to do with the combination of the texture and shape of the mesh.

Offending area

This area of the mesh just needed more definition to define its shape. So I reverted to the previous shape before my triangle shortage panic. I found this did the job and actually looked like part of a gun and not an embroidered cushion. If I ever need to make and texture such a model in the future, This will be how I go about it.

Rectified part.

In an attempt to achieve the appearance of scratches on the surface of the metal on the gun I had not thought about the scale of the object I had made the scratches too large and deep when they should have been small and subtle. Again this was an easy problem to sort out it was just a case of experimenting with smaller lines when creating the height map.

Gun with more subtle scratches.

I felt I had met the brief well as I thought that the final outcome of my weapon of choice looked fairly realistic. I felt I had made good use of the triangle budget especially after the post mortem where I rectified the mesh to make the shape of the gun look more real.
I thought it was a good decision to use an alphad area for that certain part of the gun that otherwise would have eaten the texture budget. As for the other textures I felt they added to the realistic appearance of the gun as I had put extra effort into ensuring that they looked right.
If I could do the project again I would make a weapon that wasn't so long. The small texture budget that I felt that was appropriate for an asset of this size Unfortunately did not work as well as it should have. Although I put thought into the textures there was a lot that had to be included and the overall quality was reduced because of this. On reflection I think I should have laid the parts of the gun that had the same texture over the top of each other at the unwrapping stage this way they would be larger on 512x 512 diffuse map and have a higher pixel density resulting in a better visual quality.

Another thing I would also have done differently was also an issue with the size of the model. The fact that this particular asset had a lot of detail to be included I felt that this was missed and most of it would not be seen by the viewer If it were in a game, however I did think about the fact that a weapon like this may be on a weapon select screen where it could be turned around and the detail would be more evident.
I felt that enough detail was evident and visible at a distance to convey the visual style of the gun.

 Above, detail included here may be unnecessary.

Final render. before post mortem and after

 thats a rap then.

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