Thursday, 17 November 2011

Facebook makes me depressed

I have come to the conclusion that I hate facebook, it is worthless to me. It has become a means of showing off how cool you are, and how many likes your art gets defines how great of an artist you are. 1 drawing that takes 10 hrs....I would expect it to be nothing less than amazing. A digital paintover, what the heck do you learn from that?  I used to do that, think that if it looks great your great, despite how long it took.

 I dont put every sketch I do on facebook.... for the reasons above.
 I dont do 3d like some people. Ive been directlt told that. I dont... but I will, mark my words, youve just given me a reason to prove you wrong.

This may sound harsh but If your spending every night out on the lash your not going to be up to doing work the next day, thats not my fault. I have spent 3 hrs going out since the start of this course that is all.

Now I have been told I need to get faster...... so I set myself a challenge how much visual design work I could do in 12 hrs, the recommended self directed study time.

This meant speed sketching, something I dont usually do.

The amazing thing is, the sketches that took me 5 minutes and the sketches that took me an hour look exactly the same. There is no difference apart from the fact looser pencil marks are evident.

I have reached hour ten in my challenge and have ran out of pages in my sketchbook and my B pencil is practically non existant. I am now drawing on any surface I can find, cartridge paper isnt ideal.... but im in the flow of things and i need to carry on.

So watch this space for the next post WHAT 12 HRS OF SDS REALLY LOOKS LIKE.

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