Monday, 14 November 2011

This is what I am made of

I had my review today, I think it went well, overall. I was told not to go out of the room and think im ok I wont do any better. In truth I have let myself down.

I will never ever think like that because as far as im concerned OK is not good enough and I a have not achieved my full potential so far. I can and I will do better in every way possible.

If I can do ok by not trying my hardest then imagine what I can do if i really put my mind to it.

Now is the time to think "Victoria, why are you doing this?"  I want to be a game artist, and I have been lucky enough to get a place here on this course, the best in england. Its about time I stopped settling for ok and really pushed myself to the limits of my ability, and if they are not good enough find ways increase my ability.

I never felt worthy to be confident until now, it is what I needed, to know that I have the potential to be good enough.

Now is the time to set myself a new goal and to have faith in that goals success. That goal is I WILL SUCEED. I will break down every barrier that stands in my way, I will beat down every doubt in my mind.
There will be ups and downs but I will take them on with fighting spirit. 

It is easy to write or say that im going to do this, the real proof will be in my actions.

Its time for me to show Mike, Chris and Heather what Victoria Cichocki is really made of.

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