Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Proof that LAZY IS NOT ME!

A few issues were brought to light today, and the biggest question I had, which I did ask, the one I felt was the only thing holding me back was miraculously answered by sheer dumb luck.

Although I dont expect to be "spoon fed" I have yet to develop skills as a psychic.

I was advised to ask lots of questions.
The question was "if a model is finished , would it be practicle to make another" that may seem like a dumb question, but i thought if its important enough for me to ask then no, its not dumb.

I know it dosent take 4 weeks to make a single wheelie bin, it dosent take a genius to work that one out.
Like an idiot I didnt realease we had to put every attempt we did at making the models in the folder so the lecturer could see them. How would anyone know I was doing more work if I hadnt handed it in, answer they wouldnt. Its my fault, Ive only got myself to blame.

I had a really bad day this monday, but I feel so much better now. I always new there would be good and bad days, Its just handling them that I have to learn to do. I hate the thought that I may be seen as lazy when in fact I m the complete opposite. I just hope its not too late to redeem myself. That is my biggest worry.

I have included the several "attempts" wheelie bins I made, some of them are not finished, that is because i thought to myself. "I could do that in a much easier way" and have restarted.

I started this one, and realeised I was going about it in the wrong way,  so I made another and completed it.

I realeased after making the model above that I was wasting tris by doing the handles this way but the majority was right. also the handle at the back was too thin. I started to make another based on what I had learnt.


 I dint know at this point I could make the handles as seperate elements because they where joined on to the above, the mesh looked a right mess, and the lid was out of proportion I decided to start over for good practice.

This was my final, I felt I had correcetd all of the issues, I made the handles and hinges as seperate elements and I felt the lid looked better and more real.

So there. I do DO work. Ive done more to the current project, Ill just make sure I hand it ALL in  this time.

some early attempts at part of the building project.
I dont just do one and hand it in, that would be lazy. I start to make it, find better more practical ways of making it through my own mistakes, then I restart with that knowledge I have leaned from my mistakes.

From these Practice models as I call them, I was able to make a better model because of it.

Id stay and comment on these mistakes but ill leave that til after the deadline, I have game production to do....

Now I know the thing to do is prove you have grafted hard by producing several completed models, there is no excuse.
Knowing that  my bad monday shouldnt happen again.

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