Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Game environments that are not drab

After a discussing in the lecture about our most memorable games. It was brought forward that alot of video game environments can look drab.

Id like to showcase my personal favourite top 5 very different video game environments. I think that the environment sets the whole atmosphere for a game and that video game environments can make or break a game and because the centre of what makes a game great or good. I want to do this, make wicked environments for a living. They are my favourite element of video games.


 Massive environments to explore that seem to never end along with old Japanese style graphics for the environment made  Okami one of the best gaming experiences of my life, I loved the environment so much that I never used the short cuts in this game to travel across the vast world, I made the game drag so I could enjoy that "first time played" experience more, its the never the same the second time round, this is so huge though you are bound to miss stuff out, definitely worth a second play.

Viewtiful Joe

VIEWTIFUL JOE was a 2 and a half D game in the sense that it was appeared to be 2D but was 3D when you got to the end of the screen and turned around corners. The game looked gorgeous with old comic book style graphics, the environments just reminded me of my childhood 80s comics, one of the reasons why I  loved this game. Although Many say that it was Solid.

The legend of Zelda - the windwaker

You had to sail across a whole ocean in this game and visit over 50 different islands, the fact that you controlled the boat made exploring so cool. to think i hated this game because of the cel shaded graphics at first, but its in my top 10 games of all time now.

super Mario sunshine

This game was so bright and sunny that playing it made you feel like you are outside in the sunshine (or was it because I should have been out in the sunshine but I was Indoors playing video games). After getting so far in the game there is even an option to wear a pair of sunglasses or shades (in the game) to tone down the brightness.  

Silent Hill

THE WALLS! THEY ARE ALIVE! This game gruesomeness is horrifyingly awesome. Thats what makes it different, walls made of flesh may seem gross but they added to the sinister atmosphere of the game. They moved aswell. Id rather see that than boring brick walls.

These games are old I know, I just cant get the "this environment is awesome" feeling with games these days. maybe ive seen everything. 

I need to find exa\tly what it is i love about these games and apply it to my own work,  spark up that passion I had with games that i feel has been lost.

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