Sunday, 27 November 2011

a crumpled peice of paper

I had a really bad week last week, Im being made to feel insignificant and invisible and I feel like there is a 50ft wall standing between myself and my dreams. I didnt do anything to put that wall there and I think I know how to get around it, but it will be damn hard.

I feel like a crumpled peice of paper.
It can be straightened out again but it never quite looks the same.
The more it gets crumpled the harder it is to distinguish the new creases from the old.
The damage becomes unoticeable.
A peice of paper can only recieve so much damage before its torn.

I just need to become thicker and stronger so that it is impossible for anyone to leave these creases. I need to fold myself into a giant origami bird and fly over that wall.


  1. It's the crumples that will make you interesting, seriously. An artist's struggles become part of their character, their texture if you like. Without that, you'll end up bland, unruffled, uninteresting.

    Embrace your struggles, bend with the forces that assail you and grow strong through overcoming obstacles.

    You're making a determined effort, I really respect that.


    desire, discipline and dedication

  2. woops, missed one out:

    desire, determination, dedication, discipline

    that'll teach me to type in a hurry

  3. thanks mike, you always know the right words to make me feel better :D