Saturday, 19 November 2011

Victorias Gaming history

My personal journey of video games, consoles and all things associated in my adult life.

This may seem odd for someone doing game art but I was 17 years old and had left home before I ever owned my own games console. The first console I ever purchased was with my own money I had earned from 1 full time and 2 part time jobs I was doing at the time. 

It was a Sega dreamcast The last of the sega consoles. I remember it had 3 games on launch day, one of which was sonic adventure.The first game I played on it was Sonic adventure. I remember finishing one of my jobs at 2am and rushing home to play a few hours of Sonic before I had to get up for work the next day. The last time I had played sonic it was on a friends Megadrive and It was so different now in 3D. That was where my love for video games blossomed into something for the first time.

The Dreamcast, I thought was a little ahead of its time with its online capabilities, perhaps thats were it faultered. The internet was not used in every home as it is now, and thats just 10 years ago.Its amazing how far tehnology has come along. I thought the graphics looked great compared to the playstation. I swapped it  for a game boy advance a year later.I regretted that.

I had a thing for Sonic the hedgehog. I found a game called sonic shuffle in a shop called another world in leicester ( I think its called forbidden planet now, they dont sell games anymore.)
I remember the shop assistant refused to let me pay 30 quid for this game because it was rubbish, he let me pay 9.99 for it. It was a bit like mario party which is essentialy a 3d board game. 10 years ago 30 pounds was a lot of money to pay for a video game, even when the console was at the end of its very short life the games where still expensive. When the dreamcast was 5 years old I saw it on the front cover of retro gamer, that goes to show how short-lived this console was.

I picked another dreamcast up from leicester market a few weeks ago for £25, I have not had the chance to play it yet. I read it still outsells the X box 360 in japan.

My switch to nintendo

With the dreamcast dead,  my thirst for games needed quenching fast. I saw a retro sonic the hedgehog game for the Nintendo gamecube in the now deceased woolworths. I bought the cube just to play that game. It came bundled with Super mario sunshine. The environments in this game were really bright which was a major factor in making this game a smashing feel-good gaming experience.

I started buying the old NOM (official nintendo magazine) I would buy games based on the reviews in the magazine, because the console was not that popular good games where easy to find, Its hard to explain but I find that when a console is really popular every games developer is jumping on the sucess wagon and its so hard to distinguish the good from the rubbish. This seems to be the case with the wii now as was the case with the PS2 was then. In fact I do not buy games on a whim any longer. With the gamecube you could buy a random game and get lucky, there was a high chance it would be enjoyable. I read reviews all the time now. If its not in the top 40 im not parting with my cash, unless young Tyler-scott persuades me otherwise.

I became a huge fan of nintendo and kept buying there home consoles and handheld consoles. My favourite nintendo franchise is Metroid. I made it a point to collect every metroid game for every nintendo system which I suceeded doing in the summer when I found Metroid II for the original Gameboy on leicester market.

Gaming became a way for me and my son to spend time together, we would find a good long game and spend weeks playing it together. They were good times. When he went to school, I realised that I had spent 5 of my life playing computer games. It was not time wasted because I feel I would not be where I am today without those years. 

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