Thursday, 17 November 2011

What 12 hours of self directed study really looks like

OK.. so the challenge was to see how much self directed study I could get done in 12 hours, the recommended sds time. This time it was visual design that I challenged myself to do.

I have taken photographs to prove a point, The point is that I can try harder.
Scanning them in would take hours, hours that could be spent getting good at 3ds max.
(They will be scanned at somepoint apoligies for the mediocre quality)

There not the best drawings in the world, I was more focused on speed than anything else. Saying that the minute sketches I have done,  are no different from the stuff that took me 30 minutes, the 15 minute sketches are no different that the drawings that took me an hour previously.

I have left a few hours spare for a final peice,
So.........This is what 12 hours self directed study looks like.

*I have now scanned these pictures in. I couldnt sleep so I thought that rather thana just lie awake for hours I would take the time. Whats the point doing all this work if the end results are not evident?

Point proven.......

I have made loads of mistakes here, but I will learn from them. My work is far from perfect and I know that.
Someone once said to me YOU CRAWL, YOU WALK, YOU RUN, IN THAT ORDER.
He was absolutley correct.
Learning anything else is no different. You have to start with baby steps before you can run a marathon.

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  1. Well, wow what can I say. I am impressed. I think, so far, you may be the only person in year one who has understood the course philosophy. It's not magic, it's just hard graft that will make you successful.

    Well done, Victoria