Friday, 28 October 2011

One step forward 5 steps back

The problems that I have had with 3ds max over the last week have really set me back, and its entirley my own doing. I made a few mistakes due to my lack of understanding of the software that led to me loosing the work I had done without realising. Progressing onto the next task and realising I had to go back a step is really frustrating.

Due to my inexperience with the software I thought that if you wanted to apply 3 uv maps to a model you had to create 3 uvmap modifiers.... I didnt realise however that when i saved all the unwrapping I had done was practically deleted. When  I tried to apply the sub obkect modifiers, thats when i knew something was wrong.

I managed to unwrap EVERYTHING again in an hour or so and arrange it (using 1 uvmap modifier) on top of the textures I had made already and this saved hours, if only id have known... I could have saved a whole week of work.

This was not the only problem I encountered during the creation of my wheelie bin, I did not uncheck the generate mapping co- ordinates box before moddelling, making unwrapping the first time a right pain. It was quicker for me just to start over and remodel the bin again. Im glad I re- modled my second bin was much better.

I got there today, I succeeded through the tears and pulling out of hair, I was determined to get it right and I did.

One good thing has come out of this liitle mishap and that is that I have 3 times more experience unwrapping than i would have if everything had gone right first time, I am also 3 times quicker at it now.

I am confident that I could do the whole thing again in a day or less because of the problems I had. I am proud of my finished outcome, Im glad I looked around for an interesting bin texture and didnt just settle for any old grey boring bin.

heres some pics... of the ordeal?

The first wheelie bin. In an attempt to make the parts at the front with the handles real I used too many tri's and ended up skimping in the handle at the back. The bin lid in this example was not as realistic as it could have been, there were more levels than this on the real wheelie bin (about 4 or 5) there are only 3 here.
Doing the bin again I took consideration into where the detail went and what was most important parts of the object, handles? wheels maybe... I did the wheels last so they were going to look like octagons with the last remaining tri's in the budget.

On my second attempt  I had learnt that well mad quads were better than tri's and could be processed more easily by the graphics card.

 I forgot to hide  the uv template layer in photoshop beore I saved it as a targa file, the lines are still visible on this model. The texture had not been applied at this point using the sub object modifier just a standard diffuse map, the texture had not been blended together properly so I went back and altered these things, I had spent so much time on this that I didnt want to just settle for that.
Another thing I found wrong with the above texture was that there were some highlights on the bin lid. I had tried my best to take pictures on a dull day to avoid this, but alas I am no photographer. I went back into photoshop again and adjusted the shadows/highlights and went over the very light parts with a small brush on a low opacity to rectify this.

Improvments are visible in the picture above. It may appear that i have stretched or not properly alligned the photograph to the uv template because the number 12 is slightly to the left. This is not the case,  the number had been painted on the bin slightly to the left. Looking back I think that I should have tried to align this number so that it appeared level, as it appears to be a mistake on my part. The whees have not been rendered in this example.

The above image is of the model as I was unwrapping, I am quite proud of the fact that I managed to make the squares even and not stretched even though I did have to do it again. Mistake learned from.

So I have come to the end of my first project, and I even applied smoothing groups (something I didnt know how to do with the dalek, so I have improved and thats the main thing. I have learnt that getting stressed over things does not help, nor does crying or pulling your hair out. Perseverance is the key keep going and keep trying and keep getting better, faster and becoming more efficent with the software. You cant say fairer than that can you?

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