Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Interesting environments exploration - demolition site

During todays visual studys task we went into the city centre to find buildings to draw applying the two pont perspective we had just learnt. We looked around, it was a very windy day, rained on and off, found some interesting buildings to draw.

At around 2 Oclock we decided to wander around and came to a demolition site with what looked like a half fallen, half burnt down building. Going into dangerous places is not something Id usually do for safety reasons but it looked interesting so I  managed to get in (climbed over a wall) and take some shots of the building, textures and a video of inside.

The main area reminded me of something out of a video game, there were more rooms but they were blocked off, I could have got into them at a push but there was broken glass and heroin needles lying around and i didnt want to risk getting stabbed by either.

 There were random odd objects here such as a pair of boots, beer cans it appeared as if someone was dossing here and the idea that there may be someone like that around any corner I ventured just added to the endorphin rush.

I almost expected to hear a groan and a zombie come out of this doorway...

Inside the building was dark and disgusting but bright sunlight was coming through the cracks in the walls where the roof was. It was blinding at times but lit areas of this building up. Sounds strange but the light actually made this building more creepy. 

Parts of this building were literally hanging off, although I wanted to spend more time here I was really worried that my feet would go through the floor or something would fall on me, the sense of fear added to the atmosphere here.

This freaky graphiti reflected the atmosphere in this building perfectly, which is why i included this shot, no points for technical skill, lots of points for artistic expression.

The temptation to venture down here and see what was here was almost unbearable, luckily I was not wearing the correct shoes.

the best of the rest..........

I actually videod my exploration of this building, I thought that may be more of a "blair witch style" way to show this place. Ill include that in another post.

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