Sunday, 30 October 2011

2 point perspective - in progress

i chose this building for my 2 point persepective final because it seemed so simple to do.... just alot of rectangles of black and white... oh how wrong i was...

It turned out what i thought was black and white on the building were in fact lots of tones of grey, no black or white... and the rectangles.. getting them right and in correct perspective... also a pain....

If I want to really criticise my work.... Ill note that the perspective of the windows on theright is out, I am so glad i chose to do this digitally, it will be easier to rectify. Again the mistake i made was having THE VANISHING POINTS TOO CLOSE TOGETHER.

WATCH THIS SPACE for the finished version, with the correct perspective. I  will kep the front as it is flat and was easy to do. The worst thing is is that the building is not as straight as it appears to be in real life.

Making the building accurate and in perspective will be the real challenge, are there enough hours in the day?  me thinks not.

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