Thursday, 17 October 2013

Speed drawing, is there a perfect method?

I have been exploring various methods recently of producing speed art. I suppose the outcome of speed art should be the best looking outcome in the least space of time.

The images above are blind contour (top row) and speed sketches bottom row. They are a quick visual storyboard of Leicester market, Quick minute sketches. Reference used real life.

more blind contour/speed sketches of Leicester city centre

 This is a speed sketch in a thicker black pen of my dream wedding dress. Notice  how I have quickly used line to show a sense of form in the image. 10 minutes. Reference used various photographic images.


This is a gestural line drawing from life. Time taken about 7 minutes. A quick wash was added to show lighting. Reference used:- Life model.



I really like the above, sketches, ink pen on watercolour paper really gives a nice drag to your sketches. I love the  feel of a pen or pencil on paper. Reference used:- books.

This ink drawing was done in life drawing ages ago but it deserves a place here. It was 5 minutes of confidence. and that was it.  I used big confident marks. One of my favourite pieces of art I have ever produced. Also one of the quickest.


Finally, digital speed painting, I was trying to develop a new "quick" painting technique and I do like the outcome. Time taken 30 minutes, Reference used: books

Honestly I think there are many methods of speed sketching. It depends what kind of artist you want to be and what is an appropriate style. I really want to explore different methods. I do not think I can do that on this course though. Nor do I think it is appropriate for game art

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