Thursday, 17 October 2013

Remember me?

As with any new start a little trip into the world of the author is needed, Its more for my readers benefit than mine.

Rest assured though, You will be reading the balanced thoughts of a sane aspiring artist not a nut job with a Google account.

Feel slightly more comfortable now?, Well I guess that backfired.

Here's a few Q and A's

What is your name?
Victoria Kate Cichocki (pronounced Chick - hod - ski) People tend to call me Vic, I prefer Victoria as Vic is a blokes name and I would very much like to preserve my femininity.

Do people often mispronounce my name?


Which is understandable because it is a difficult name to pronounce.

It comes from Poland where my grandfather is from, the other side of my family comes from wales hence the dark eyes and hair (I think) Generally I wouldn't associate Welsh folk with fair hair and freckled faces.

How old are you?
I am and will be until the 29th of December 2013 (my next birthday*) a whopping 30 years old! Do I feel any different than when I was 29 years old? No.

Do I ever lie about my age? No, I don't need to I look fab for 30.

Where are you from?
I was born in Leicester but I have spent the majority of my life moving back and forth from Leicestershire and Lancashire.

I left home when I was seventeen determined to stand on my own two feet. I actually met my first love in Lancashire. Are we still together? No.

What is your educational background?
A level art, Gnvq art and design, btec nat dip performance arts, btec nat dip interactive media. Year one game art design. other random qualifications...

What else have you done since you left school?
Loads! Tried and failed at being a freelance illustrator/graphic designer. It really isn't that glamorous!

Why? Because there is only one Neville Brody!

Its not like the fancy stuff you see at degree shows, jobs are usually really boring like colour coding a timetable.

Any advice?
Yes, be careful who you take advice from!

I had someone tell me that you DE saturate photographs for specular maps in year one, Which is codswallop.

Looking forward to the future?


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