Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 1 Groundhog day

Every single person will come to a point where there first attempt at something doesn’t work and they have to start over. I'm sure you’ve seen the movie groundhog day. In the end Bill Murray uses the fact that he relives every day to his advantage.

That seems like an excellent way to roll. Mitch did mention today that making mistakes is vital for learning and I cannot agree more. I feel prepared for when things might go wrong and experience has taught me that I need to get things wrong in order to get things right.

I am glad I have another chance and am very grateful for everyone that has helped me.

Fortunately the groundhog day feeling only lasted about 5 seconds as everything is brand new and shiny.

New timetable.

I like the fact that all lectures are in a row with no days in-between. We have the whole weekend for self-directed study. This will help so much with my self organization.

New digital painting sessions.

I think the new visual design with its extra digital painting sessions is a very good addition to the course and I believe it will benefit us all. I am an advocate of self-teaching but I do like to be pushed in a different direction and be taught by someone else every once in a while. Its a nice balanced way of learning.

I even asked for extra homework and it was given to me. I could quite happily just go home and paint anything but I wanted a brief to stick to for now just to build myself up again.

20 greyscale renders of alien environments for next week. I plan on starting directly after this post.

New building

It definitely has better feng shui. But anything would be better than that rotting corpse of a building we were in last year. The atmosphere is better too. It smells nice. All of these things make me more relaxed about being here.

New cohort.

Everyone seems friendly enough. I have not really had a chance to chat with them yet. There is plenty of time for that though.



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