Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Made of metal

I feel quite robotic of late, meaning I can get things done with little care.
I always wanted to be an art machine that could draw and paint and make without thinking too much about it.
My thoughts are that as you become better and you learn the steps in which to do things it can be easier to get things done, That and being emotionally dumbed down.
Emotion does play a part in art I believe, too much emotion just gets in the way though, it distracts, manipulates, causes you to make wrong decisions.
But what about passion? inspiration? desire? are they not all fuelled by raw emotion? There has to be a way round this? surely you can get ideas down and develop them into something cool even if you are a robot.
I would rather be a robot that "could" than a human being that thought he "couldn't" even if that meant not feeling.
After all what is the point of feeling if you cant do anything?

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