Thursday, 11 July 2013

Escaping Limbo

I've been watching a lot of films recently. Last night I watched inception that's been on my watch list for ages.

It occurred to me after watching it that I myself am stuck in some sort of "game art limbo". Not knowing what to do to prepare myself for going back. Do I work enough so I don't get rusty?, do I go over what I have learnt?, do I attempt projects again?, do I learn u.d.k so I am prepared for when I go back?,Do I try something new?
All of these things crossed my mind and have been done to some degree. I have been doing these things. The u.d.k one was the greatest achievement.

My summer work has however lacked structure. I need a clear structure to follow having attempted numerous projects.
I am now proficient enough in u.d.k and the writing of design documentation to see me through to Christmas in game production. My painting, drawing, concept/planning, sculpture has improved enough to see me through until Christmas in visual design. The reading and research I have been doing on the subject, films I have watched and the art history I have been learning about will definitely see me through until Christmas in critical studies.

So what now? Well I have decided to cease all of the projects I have been doing recently.
I am going to spend the time from now until when I go back going over everything I have learnt so far whilst doing game art.
This way I can make sure I have and am able to demonstrate a full understanding of what I have learnt. Particularly the fundamentals. If there are any gaps in my understanding they will be filled.

This to me seems like a great idea and it actually has structure and purpose. There will be no sitting and thinking too much about what I am going to do because its already there in front of me.
So.. Wheelie bins and one point perspective here I come.

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